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Winnie, I hope you can hold on. You're about 3 weeks clean now, correct? Your brains opiate receptors are screaming for relief and haven't barely begun to repair themselves. Your endorphin production is probably extremely low, so your pain is exagerated at this point...it is real pain, don't get me wrong, but alot of it is probably caused by the lack of opiates and is being made much more intense than it really is....Plus all the added tension associated with withdrawing causes additional pain. Have you been exercising? Like at least a walk every day. Are you taking lots of Advil to help with the pain?

It's going to be very hard for you to turn down a script if your doctor offers one. I think the 1st words out of my mouth to the doctor would be " i don't want any narcotics". Maybe some prescription 800 mg ibuprofens would be your best bet about now, but the exercise is crucial. Walking really is amazing too. my doctor preached wqalking daily to me for years, even before i got addicted to opiates. i always fought it and said I don't need top walk...i work 80 hours a week and i'm walking all the time. She always insisted that it is not the same, and she is right. I am now hooked on walking, and get a high from it. For me, it's better than taking a valium.

I totally sympathise with you, and i know i will be going through this same thing here shortly...try and remember the reasons you wanted off these in the first place...and "play the tape forward" if you are thinking of using again.

Can i ask what you detoxed off of and how fast you tapered? Please try and hang on longer. You have been having some good days and some bad it seems, and that will improve if you give it a chance, I truly believe that your pain will become managable once you get through this adjusment period.

Stay strong...don't listen to that little voice in your head telling you to accept an rx for anything opiate related. Slow and steady will win the race.