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Just wanted to say "hi" and took your advice to check out these boards. I think the other post was deemed not an appropriate health question by the moderator or at least that is what I got from their comments.

So on to other things. How are you? I have a few questions for you....
remember how we were talking about the possibility of ADHD/ADD. Well I do seem to have many signs pointing to it but then again symptoms seem to point to just about everything:dizzy:. Anyway my question for you is do medications give you opposite effects? For example Ambien and Valium (for sleep) make me awake....AND HUNGRY! When I have been on Narcotic meds they make me hyper and unable to sleep, where many seem to get tired. My lamictal is supposed to be taken at night because it makes you drowsy...yet I have to take it in the morning because I couldn't sleep when I took it at night. Doctors have had a hard time sedating me (had a few surgeries) and they even commented on it.

Do you have anything like this? Because they say people with ADHD/ADD can have this happen...it really just clicked in my head when my mother made this observation.

Another question I have is that I have been having TONS of hairloss:eek:! I just read up on lamictal that this can be a side effect. But it only happens in like 1% of people. Have you heard anything about that?

It's working well but I was thinking about going back on Topomax if this is the cause. Plus I did lose weight...a total plus! Have you been on Topomax?

Well hope all is well. Would like to catch up and also see if you have any thoughts.

Hey Nexis-

That's kinda funny I was always called a "night owl." It's like I can be drowsy/sleepy during the day and BOOM at night I am Bright-eyed-and bushy tailed;). Like you, I have a hard time falling asleep....but also....staying asleep...get up at night frequently (and last night I actually fell out of my bed...hehehe....my mom said I should get you those toddler rails....hehehe:D).

I have never had any sinus issues so I don't think that is an issue for me. Glad getting that taken care of helped you. But you still have vivid dreams/nightmares. Isn't it weird how some people say they never dream or they never remember what their dreams were about? I always do. Gosh my dreaming sure makes me tired:).

I drink virtually no caffeine it makes me feel really jittery. I have maybe 2-3 (the most) normal sized cups in the a.m. and that's it. Everything else I drink is caffeine free. I totally understand that agitated state. I know the minute I drink too much but then it's too late:D. I occasionally take ativan and Valium at night for spasms but it doesn't make me tired. I totally tend to have opposite reactions to meds.

Good luck on monday!!!


Let me know how the Lyme's test turns out. Before I had my Fibro DX they tested me for Lyme's because I had all the typical symptoms.....and like you said .....living in CT....it's more common. Well I am Lyme negative. And like you I used to be able to work out but the last year it has been virtually impossible. It totally sucks! And if you do kick boxing you definitely need strength!

I used to be on Klonopin (years ago) but it actually made me feel angry/agitated. I no longer take ambien because of my sleep walking and I had SLEPT DROVE TOO!