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Thank you dollydd. Seems our attacks have similarities in that they were severe enough for an ER visit. How do you cope knowing that one could come back anytime? I don't think my second was any worse or better than the first, both were just as bad. On the other hand both were more severe than what I had 20 years ago. Time wise the old ones only lasted 1-2 minutes but those 1-2 minutes were pure torture. I am somewhat back to normal stability today. After the meclizine finllay kicked in yesterday the vertigo left but I am still feeling unstable. Also just took a valium which he told me may help. That is just making me feel very loopy, like I won't even be able to walk downstairs. (so I hope this message makes sense.) Was it your ent or neuro who diagnosed you with left ear vestibular neuritis? I'll have to look that up and see if it fits for me. Thank you again DollyDD
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