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you guys are SOOO cool.this was just what i needed today.i am scared.really scared about what is just going to be there after that block wears off.i also have central pain syndrome in both shoulder blades that started out as a huge ten at one time but has slowly desenitized itself over the past four years,this could be "woken up' if the area underneath it gets too pissed off.i still have it in my left arm at about a 7-8 every day 24/7.it just hurts.this possibly showing back up would be about as bad as if my RSD spread up there too.i try not to think about that possibility tho.still having the "tooth' issues too.nothing there but my screwed up nerves that keep doing nasty things in that jaw.hopefully this will dissapate soon.i just really didn't want the tooth thing to even be there so thats why i made sure i got this done BEFORE my surgery but all i suceeded in doing is actually creating a much bigger problem for myself.kind of the way things go for me sometimes ya know?

my 'chair" wont be delivered til post op here at home(friday) from what they told me yesterday at the bracing appt to get my pretty new 'slingshot II' wondersling?is this what you have sammy?its a huge sucker.but mine is actually a medium,but of course a small would have been really nice as you already know.she did some manuvering to kind of get it right for me tho.sammy,tell your hubby that depending upon how bad things are BEFORE any surgery is what dictates just how bad your post op hell will be.geez.you just cannot compare one persons surgery to another,there are way too many variables that just make no two surgeries alike.you were in agony before your surgery and i am sure whoever he is talking about was not as bad as you were.the extent of damage and what they have to actually do in order to fix it also makes a huge difference.tell your hubby "until you have to have this type of surgery,please withhold any judgements".i know four people who have had the same type of surgey i am having and none of them did things the same time or way as the others.highly individual.

i will be speaking with my ortho tomorrow before the surgeryto work out all my little needs like the valium for my spasticity to be ordered PRN,on top of my "usual' daily crap and of course the MS for BT pain.this is kind of a standard we just put into place everytime i have a surgery.the dilaudid PCA will be very very nice once that block wears off.this is the part that scares me the most.i just dont know what will actually be there.having your spinal cord cut into just creates a nightmare(like with my tooth right now)for all other body systems so nothig can really be 'expected' or just plain 'normal' anymore.too much damage including my pain pathway to the pain receptors in the brain?my NS told me way back in 03 right after that spinal cord surgery severely damaged my spinothalamic tract in my cord,that all my pain signals,espescially the bigger ones will now become 'deranged" .it does explain ALOT about how things actually go when it comes to anything affecting a nerve or any cutting into my body anywhere.i am a walking freakshow now.so i do have some bigger fears that wouldn't be there at all if my body was just like a normal one?

you guys have been wonderful and sammy,your info is really priceless right now.chrissy,i do hope things are getting better or at least tolerable for you hon,you don't deserve to have to keep suffering thru this crap.i don't know when i will be able to get back on here again.my surgery is really late in the day at 3:00 so from there,who knows ya know?just don't expect great typing,like it is now??lol.my left hand just lost alot of fine motor function and of course the right hand wont be working at all for awhile,so this really should be interesting.i will try and at least pop in on friday to let you know i survived.if you don;t see anything by friday,well,hopefuly you will.i will try and make some kind of contact tho.even if its just an 'ouchie' or something to let you know,K?just keep those fingers crossed for me at 3;00.i can use all the help i can get right now,lol.take care guys.i WILL keep ya posted somehow even if i have to put my youngest online to do it.thanks sooo much for everything.i just love you guys.Marcia
hey sammy.ya know,your chair set up is a bit different than mine right now.i am only doing the abbduct and adduct right now and from what the pt guy said when he dropped it off,it sounds like my surgeon only wanted that part for me too.how much increase in your pain actually occurs after you up it?i am just wondering here if five is way too much to actually expect right now ya know?thats really huge increase to be doing daily.i think from what my guy told me you should try doing maybe like 2-3 increase per day vs five?that just really IS alot to add in one day.i think it would help decrease yuour pain somewhat.i was told to do it by whatever felt comfotable for me and go at MY pace.there isnt a race here foryourself to get to that goal more quickly,ya know what i mean?it just should NOT hurt(at least not out of your comfort zone) while you increase,that was the one thing that guy really stressed to me.you have to remember what you just had done here hon,that your tendons and muscle have just been pulled back together and are being held together by sutures right now,so you don't want to be pulling any harder than you really need to right now.you will still get to that goal,you just have to keep them a bit more realistiic.just what you described in chrissys thread,it just really sounds like you are definetly over doing things a bit to me.the no pain no gain thing is not true when it comes to the type of pt we are doing.my pt to regain my use back of my left leg after my spinal xcord surgery was a way different story and timeframe than dealing with what we rehabbing,way different.you just don't want to be causing too much pull on the sutures by adding too much before the level of flexability gets a bit more ingrained there,or you can much more easily actually rip or cause a tear in the sutures.that is why only going up like at most 3 degrees per day,i just really think would be less stressful on the sugical areas and keep your pain bit less intense.i just do not want to take any chances here(been thru this before and wayyy overdid it and paid the price for it too,this was surgery # 7 for me,and each one has taught me different things)of setting myself back only because i pushed it too quickly.i just wanted normal back and i know you do too sammy,but just be patient and slow it down at least a bit,ya know?i would just hate to see you end up even worse off just because of doing things too quickly ya know?good rule of thumb here with that chair,if it is more than just a bit painful while you are doing it,espescially right after you make a raise,you went too high.its normal to have some pain,but based on your description,yours is a bit too much.your body is really the best regulator of whther you are overdoing it or its okay.thats what i let dictate my increases.

didn't your sugeon rx you any muscle relaxers like valium or the vistril?if not,i would call and ask for some vistril at the very least.they were giving me my pain meds and the vistril while in the hospital and it realy does seem to enhance the pain meds and relax those muscles and also reduce the little spasms we are both getting while in that chair.they are happening to me too sammy.both in and out of that chair.but i have valium herethat i have to use for my spasticity so that helps too.but you DO need some type of actual muscle relaxent.you are healing together torn muscle and torn tendon so you will also be getting spasms from time to time.i think it just comes with the territory ya know?

i wear this stupid sling 24/7 BUT i was told when i go to bed,i can at least take the neck attacker(strap)off as long as i have the arm/lower part of sling well stabilized like with blankets or something?that is one heck of a huge relief for me,let me tell ya.i just hate having to hook it back up in the morning again ya know?that little bit of "freedom"is great while it lasts as i am sure you can relate?

dang,i still needed to post to chrissy yet but my hand is killing me.that left one is having its own sets of problems now.besides it already being damaged by the fine motor loss it has been having to keep being pushed beyond its normal limits and it just cant anymore.its not happy with me right now.but my knee swelling is a bit better today along wth that flpping burning.geez.one thing at atime would really be nice.

chrissy,i will post to you soon hon,things are just a bit crazy right now.i do hope things are feeling less intense.thanks guys,marcia
Marcia, thanks for the reply, when they dropped the chair off they did say my surgeon was specifically one who preferred the two different exercises & told me he had a great success rate. I was getting pain more so after using the chair, indeed they did say if it was painful cut back on the increasing, Sat. I only did one long session & today got two in. The lady my husband works with said for the most part she got two in per day. I am going to slow it down abit, I am not up the the same degree out to the side as in the front, I did 65-70 out front & 60-65 to the side. I will stay at that if I suffer tonight or cut down, I have the chair a total of 21 days & I am hoping it will make the pt visits easier when I start those. How are you doing getting dressed? Can't wait to put regular clothes on. I have some valium at home perhaps I will try a small dose at bedtime & see how that goes. I was so sore this morning I think for the first time I tried to roll over on that side, hard because that is the side I usaully sleep on.
How is you pain, what level would you say it is at?
Can you feel it right to the bone? I swear at times you can. Girl it is not a comfortable surgery. You had seven surgies, man you are my hero. Which one has been the most painful for you & where does this rate. I would hate to have one worse then this.
I am wondering if the arthritis is playing a role in added pain here. I just can't wait to feel better. I will admitt that is scares the heck out of me to think this surgery may not take care of all this. The surgeon did say may not relieve all the pain but heck I hope it erases most of it. I still have alot of discomfort in my rib area, that they though was secondary in the muscles but coming from the shoulder area. I hate the spasms they are in the chest area more so & they can just take my breath away they come on so quickly. Let me know how your doing, I will try sleeping with the sling the way you were told. Want to trade slings? I'll take the medium & you can have my xlarge, you can use it for self defense to if needed (ha). Talk to you later, take care. Sammy
mornin sammy.aint life grand?if you are having the spasms thru out the day or at specific times,try adding just one half of a valium to the mix before you usually expect them or like you said just use them at night.i know mine just helps me to sleep better.last night was the very first time i actually slept thru the whole night,didn't even wake up to go to the batroom like i normally do,strange.i DID need that tho.sleep,as you know can be kind of hard to come by at this point in time.if you move around in your sleep,try packing blankies or pillows around your body so you cant roll over,then really pack around the splint in one posistion as well.this is what i do,but i also have to always sleep on my back,and with both legs elevated or the leg spastity alawys seems to kick in on me.as long as i have my legs elevated during sleep,it dosen't kick in til my legs hit the floor in the morning,believe me,thats a huge thing for me,or i would never be able to ever sleep at all.just try kind of wedging pillows around yourself so you just cannot roll over,that will help tons.its worth the hassle in doing all this just to be able to take off that neck strap.god that part just sucks all by itself.its just exascerbating the living heck out of my c spine mess.

you asked what one of my surgeries was the worst?hands down,it was most definetly the spinal cord surgery.this was an abslutely hidious surgery that i don't think would have been qutie as bad had i not also woke up actually in recovery with that hellish burn/sting crap called central pain syndrome too?it just feels to me very very much like a bad second degree burn,or a horrid sunburn that blisters up?that huge hypersensitivity to even light touch or even just a light breeze blowing over it sends it overthe top.it has gotten better,espescially over the shoulder blades.at onset this was a raging ten plus butover the past four years has actually somehow gotten down to about a 1.it just desensitized itself i supposejust having a very constant pressure from clothing over it.it took years tho,but unfortunetly this has notbeen happening at all wiith the central in my left elbow and part of the uppeer arm area.that normally runs between about 7-8 with the flares to at least a ten at times.thats when i slap a lido patch over it.i could wear one all the time to keep that pain down but then it would just become much more hypersensitive,not better.so we suck that one up every day.but that crap just added a whole other componennt to an already expected to be pretty excruciating typeof surgery.beleive me,when your NS tells you your post op pain is going to be extremely painful post op,he aint kidding.with that surgery,honestly i could not even find tolerable for two whole days,it was absolutely hidious.this rotator crap was the very same way once that block wore off.no matter what thry did,i could not get on top of that freaking pain sammy.this surgery was about the very same intensity as the sp cord one for me,the sp cord one,that intolerability just lasted longer and had the central crap.so you re not a wimp hon,you just happened to have a very very painful type of surgery done.i thrashed around,well my legs anyway,in that bed from about 8;30 til from complete exhaustion and a huge amount of dilaudid finally around five am,i think i did actuslly fall asleep for about an hour.(one big thing about having any type of sudden onset,like surgical pain(espescially with the block),that just is in your face all of the sudden is your brain has to get used to it and accomodate it before it can even begin to get it tolerable for you.the stronger the pain,the longer that accomodation takes.)then thinking about having to actually go home that day with my pain not even really tolerable yet while still on the dilaudid scared the crap outta me.around ten in the morning i just decided i couldn't go there yet tho they did wean me off the pca around like 1 in the afternoon and switch me onto my regular meds(the OC)and also the 10/325 percs,along with still being able to get a bump of the dilaudid if things just got to be way too much again.i have to say tho,pt in the morning,well,we almost puked from the pain,so we tried it again a few hours later and it went better than i thought it would and i was actually off the pca by then.the pt actually seemed to help some once the initial agony of just starting it subsided.i am finding that the more often i do the excercises along with that chair,my pain is becomming a bit more tolerable as oppsed to before really starting all this scheduled stuff when i got home.i only do a half an hour at a time with that mahine but do it five times a day.this really helps to keep the overall soreness down.i actually looked at my sheet and it said to actually go up BETWEEN 3-5 per day,so anywhere within those parameters i would think would be okay,so you could drop down a bit sammy ya know?thankfully i only have the one type of excercise to do on it and you have two.it might be a bit harder for you as far as having better flexability to change things a bit.i have to call the pt people once i have reached the 150mark so they can come and pick it up.i am being billed by theday and as far as i know,there is no actual like cut off day like you have?i have absolutely no clue what this is actually costing me and how much of it is actually going to be paid by my ins co.should be fun getting THAT bill huh?i hit fifty yesterday and am shooting,hopefully by the end ofthe day,to get to 53.i do five one half hour sessions.you can also just slowly build thru the day on up too ya know?i would just try not to actually just simply add that five all at one time if you really want to go up 5 everyday,slowly building it up during the day really hasn't been all that bad for me.

well i gotta stop for now and actually go DO my chair crap,i am late,was planning on 10;00,oops.i still have to get back to chrissy yet,damn.sorry chrissy,i will get there hon,i promise.how are YOU doin chrissy?hang in there sammy.marcia

so just how much are your fingers able to do at this point?i have pretty good dexterity/strength actually,much more than i ever expected at less than a week out from the surgery ya know?did your hand finally stop sweating or is it still there?

itoo feel the pain down to the bone sometimes.they did do some bone work on me tho but one area by my clavacle he said there wasn't actually enough there to actually shave off?i think thatmust have been this little groove that has developed over many years just wearing my purse on that one spot lik forever.you can actually see this thing from the outside too.dressing and undressing have become interesting events thses days too.i have gotten to the point where i can actually do the socks(depending on the sock type)put on the long underwear(we have been sub zero here of course for the last few days and i am the worlds biggst freeze baby)and do the sweatpants,but the shirt thing i have to have my hubbyhelp me there.trying to brush my teeth using this lame left hand has really been an adventure tho,lol.i just want this damn sling gone,like soon.
Marcia, boy do I feel for you, two surgeries with this pain!
Kind of sounds like some of what Chrissy is going though, am I right Chrissy?

I do have the pillow beside me for some reason It just did not stop me from rolling, If I have the the sling on my arm will kill me in the middle of the night. I go back & forth, the sling on & off, I have had one night of sleep all the way through. Really getting to me.

What would you call your pain level? Mine stays between a 5 to 9, the day after would have been the 10. Did you surgeon tell you how ling to expect this pain?

I will & have taken your advice about the chair. Felt alittle better using it yesturday.
I don't like getting dressed but it is getting easier, I will say that, at times this pain can go all the way down to the hand.
My husband swears he is doing ok with all this but he sure looks frazzled to me at times. I can't wait to have a full night sleep & am going to add that little bit of valium tonight ot see if that will help. The mucsle spasms come on mostly during the day, no certain time, usually after or when I am moving around alot. Do you get them in the chest area, next to the shoulder, that is where the majority of them occur. I am dissappointed the sweating in the hand is back, did not have that for a few days after surgery. That will have to be brought up at the next appointment. Sorry for all the questions but you seem more informed then I, thank god.
I put a thread up as you can see, but not sure if anyone else has had this surgery, felt it would not hurt to see. Talk to you soon, take care & I hate the sling to. Sammy

ps it gets better taking the sling on & off, that is one thing I can say, takes some time.
hey HM,its good to see your still alive and pluggin away,hows things?i havent been able to really get to any other boards here yet,it is just too draing and gets painful after doing one post here to sammy for the "update".thanks for the words.

hey sammy,weve got a problem this morning that i have not had happen before at all yet,numbness.woke up this morning with my pinkie and ring fingers on the surgery side plain numb.i thought i slept wrong or something and it would go away after i moved it around or something but it hasn't changed,if anything,its getting worse.the pinkie is just solid numb but the ring finger has some sensation left.i just don't know why this is happening.i know these two fingers correlate with the ulnar nerve and the c8 dermatome.the same two fingers on the left were affeted back when i had my sp cord sugery only because they ran right next to or under that c 8 nerve and were in the way to get to the cavernoma.but my right fingers and hand back then were miraculously spared any damage at all.now this?i did sleep without that strap but did keep the actual sling on and packed the blankets around it too.i just don't move at all when i sleep,i always have to be on my back and am just "set"in one spot all night.thata what makes this even more insane.i do have my first follow up appt with my surgeon tomorrow tho so thats good.its wierd in that this does not actually appear to run thru the full dermatome ike from the c spine or even the shoulder on down?its just the two fingers and part of my palm towards the pinkie side.i did my chair at 55(i am catching up to you sammy)this morning but there as of last night too.that brought no changes,then did the run of excercises and still nothing. this is just crazy,i just want to know why ya know?i probably overdid things a bit yesterday,just getting some things in order around here but nothing huge,and i spaced it out over the day.i am just hoping i didn't 'do" something not good to the shouder.just a bit scared.ill keep ya posted on that.i just took one half of a valium so well see if this isn't maybe a wierd muscle thing deeper into the shoulder or somthing.

it would appear that our pain is about the same ,but i do think yours is a bit more wide spread than mine is.my main areas are ,mostly on top of the shoulder itself and running down into the bicep area then it pretty much stops.some c spine pain which was already there to a certain degree its just being made much worse dueto this stupid sling strap that i swear to god at times is trying to kill me.some pain slightly over the shoulder upper back area but not really down into the upper back too far.like i said before,yuor pain was much worse thas mine was even going into this and you also had some rather odd,almost sympathetic related type symptoms too.i think your pre op damage and pain just is making tins a bit more painful for you.i love the ice tho,that has helped alot.didn't realize just how much real difference it was making til that block wore off in the hspital and around mid night,things were just a raging in the shoulder and when the ice needed to be changed out,like five seconds after she removed it to go refill it,my pain shot up til she got back about five minutes later.wow,what a huge difference in having it vs not having it ya know?i just didn't think it could have gotten any worse til the ice was out of the picture.after that lttle episode,those wonderful nurses started just bringing in a brand new one so i did't have to suffer that change out hell again.it was just that bad.wow.my doc really didn't say how long this pain was going to last but he did write two seperate rxs for 50 of the perc 10/325,so i am thinking it may be awile yet.then there is the real pt that will start here at some point,i am sure that will send things up again too ya know?i am still dealing with these two stupid very painful teeth that have not really calmed down much yet.i am worried that these are on a sympathtica or neuropathic track sincethey don't really apper to react to the huge amount of narcotic,even the dilaudid didn't really do a huge amount last week either.this really is scarey.

have you put on any actual water wieght at all/this is kind of freaking me out as far as my kidneys go.i was only a tiny 90lbs the day of my surgery and last night and the night before i was at 101.while i am happier than hell to see wieght going on(believe me,this is ahuge problem normally)my legs just are much larger than normal along with that damn swelling being back inmy rsd knee.i will have to talk to my ortho tomorrow about alot of different things.god i hate all this crap.well i gotta stop for now.i will keep ya posted sammy,and you do the same.marcia