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Xanax kicks in very fast. You should expect to feel it around 15 min after taking it on an empty stomach. I really recommend not taking it with food, as this can greatly decrease it's effect. I am also on Chantix and Xanax. Although, I have been taking Xanax for years. One thing to keep in mind is that Xanax is in the family of drugs called benzodiazapines. Also in the same family are Valium, Ativan, and Klonopin among others. Any drug in this family, especially Xanax, has a well-documented reputation to become less effective as you build up tolerance. The amount of time greatly depends on the person. So keep in mind that if your dosage of Xanax seems to become less effective, your doctor can (and almost always will) up your dosage. The maximum dosage a Doctor will give you is 2mg. And that dosage is considered a HIGH dosage. Whatever you do, when asking to up your dosage, keep in mind that doctors are always watching out for a pattern of addiction to Xanax. Hope this has helped you. And good luck quitting! - David ;)