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Just wanted to update.. Today is day 49 of being dizzy.. I was admitted into the hospital last Saturday (day 45) for chest pain and shortness of breathe... I thought I was having a heart attack... After doing a lot of tests they determined that I have blood clot in my lung. I have been put on blood thinners and they are watching me.. The sad news is, I am still dizzy!! I have now seen 10 doctors and they dont know whats wrong with me. They think I am be dizzy from the blood clot but they are not sure, I have been on blood thinner for 4 days now and Im sitll dizzy. Hopefully it will just take some time for the dizzyness to go away but no one knows for sure!! The crazy neurologist that I saw is giving me 2mg of valium 3 times a day to see if that will work. I just took the first dose and I just feel drugged... SO I think the man is just CRAZY!!! Thank goodness I went to the ER and they found the blood clot, but the dizziness is VERY old now!!!!!!!!!