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I was writing to see if anyone out there could help me with the fear I am having with an MRI test. I had one scheduled today but as soon as the technician put the "helmet" over my face I freaked out and refused to go any further. She was very nice and told me next time I come in they would try and give me some valium but I'm still scared to death. Has anyone ever taken valium before for an MRI and if so did it help? I've been having numbness occasionally in my toes in addition to occasional sharp pains throughout my body. Neither sypmptom really bothers me and to be honest I just want to forget the whole thing but my general doc told me to go see a neurologist and she ran a few test that came back good but felt the MRI was needed to see what was going on. Please help. I'm prone to panic attacks and feel one coming on again. Thanks so very much in advance for any responses given.
My mom took valium before she had one several months ago, she gets nervous in the machine, and this kept her very relaxed.

I had one several years ago, the noise, which no one told me about, was really annoying, but otherwise, I listened to music, and that helped it go by quicker.