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[QUOTE=osteoblast;3514763]Curious-Sorry to hear you did not get your mission accomplished-but they are just trying to be sure that you will be ok. I wonder why they didn't just give you something to relax you. I usually have ok bp but, I would probably do as you did and sky rocket at biopsy time unless I was on something to calm me down. Good luck with the next doctors appt. I hope all goes well.

The FNA wasn't planned. This was totally a spur of the moment decision on their part after they saw the ultrasound. I was there for five hours for tests and completely exhausted. I was also in quite a bit of pain from trying to walk so far. I have severe arthritis. I was told they couldn't give me Valium or anything without doctor's orders and no pain meds for arthritis allowed because of FNA. I won't seen the doctor until tomorrow. They just called up to his office with reports of my ekg and ultrasound.

I'm already on blood pressure meds and it will be hard to get my blood pressure below 140/90 in a stressful situation!