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I know in VA, once a procedure is approved by W/C, they have to pay for the entire thing, incuding the sedation. Have you considered finding a new PM Dr. I have had 2 because the 1st one kept doing things that hurt so bad and now I have one, that still the injections etc. hurt and some bad..but ea. time I have one, this Dr. goes slowly and tells me to let him know when the pain comes on and he injects me with more local A. and then continues on. In fact, when he did the RF, which is where they burn the nerves, once they get to the nerve and start to burn it, it has to be kept at that "degree" for 45 second. When he did a few of them and it was getting pretty sore, he asked me if I could hold on for 10 more secs. etc. A couple of times when I said no, he turned the heat down. So, although I have had to endure pain with many of the procedures, his bed side manner helps to calm me, he talks me through it, ups the meds when he can and if all else fails, he has stopped the procedure.

In his notes, it should say how much meds he gave her during the procedure. Look for that and post it...perhaps others, such as myself, could see how much meds. they got for the same procedure.

I also have my Dr. px. me valium to take prior to the procedure. Does your wife do that, as well?

Earlier in the pt she had some reactions incl facial and throat swelling. She told her dr but she said she was doing it herself. Her face was swelled up really bad one day and the therapist told her she could be having a reaction to flexerol and valium so she stopped taking both. Once again she told her dr who basicly just shrugged and said ok. This gets back to the original question if the care before needle thrapy was appropriate without an anti inflamatory. You see, there is just too much. We are going back to her primary care this week to try and get some answers. Also demanding an appt with the dr for he does any more shots. We may delay treatment to get a second opinion. Thanks again to everybody who has looked at this and given it some thought.