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I am getting so desperate, I have had trouble with my left ear for a few years, lots of infections. 5 weeks ago started to feel very dizzy and lightheaded.. vertigo episodes... after 2 weeks dr gave me a z pack said ear looked full of fluid... got worse and worse so on the 4th week she sent me to an ENT. he said I have eustachian tube dysfunction as when he blew air on the drum so movement and a deviated septum he precribed predisone. I took the first 2 pills a week ago now never again they made me so so ill and I am now worse... My dizzyness is worse my ear pain is worse the ear pressure is unbearable... i hear softly on my right ear too loud and sharp on my left, my left eye is watery and the muscle is weak... on mon went o the ER felt so ill, they did CT scan.. showed mild mastoiditis in left bone prescribed more biotics, valium and meclazine... I took none of it as ENT called tues said the mastoiditis is not that bad..he moaned about wanting me to try prednisone again.... though he said the fluid was not that bad?????
he ordered a MRI tonight.. and i have to wait a week to go back and see him. so this is on my 6th week and getting worse. I live in the USA but from the Uk... not been home in 3 years and i have a trip booked for the end of March looks like it will be cancelled i am so upset.
I am very sensitive to drugs so I have taken nothing... I have had to give up work, cannot drive I am housebound... I am scared and so frustrated... :((((

B :(