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chrisandylino brings up some good points with her example. In most cases, patients end up at PM clinics when it's determined that they probably won't heal completely and need someone to manage the pain on a long term basis. My PM group won't see anyone unless (A) they are referred...You can't just call and make an appointment the first time and (B) They have chronic pain...Not acute pain.

Just as an fyi, my PM Doc drug tests all first time patients to make sure they are legit. You'd be surprised how many people take their spouses meds (or something else), and therefore get expelled, or not accepted. I only bring this up because I've heard very sad stories where someone finally gets accepted into a PM clinic and because they're stressed & etc., they took a spouses valium, or some older med they had laying around and since they didn't list it as one of their current meds, they get expelled.