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I'm getting desperate to withdraw from clonazapam. So far two doctors have turned me down in my request to switch over to Valium, (using the Ashton method.) Does anyone know of a doctor in the N.Y. area that uses it?
Sorry, I live in Florida. I guess you would have to find a person who did that in NY. But, I am curious why that is the only method you are willing to try? How much Klonopin are you taking? For how long. I was prescribed klonopin for 2 years. .5mg 2x per day. After 2 years, it didn't work for sleep any longer. I asked to up the dose. My doctor said forget it, it's time to stop taking it. He tapered me for about 3 months and it went fine. No horror stories. I had read the Ashton book and asked him about it. He said please just do what I am telling you. He said something about the valium would make me too tired in the daytime. When I was taking the Klonopin, I never felt anything. It just made me calm. If I took a 5mg valium I would feel it when I first took it. Then I would feel very tired about 2 hours later. I hope this helped or at least gave you something to think about.
Good Luck
Sounds like you had a better Dr. than I do. I also started on 1.0 ( 2 x .50). (for 2 years), like you, for sleep. About a year ago it was upped to 1.5, then in Dec, 2.0. I did know I was doing something wrong; Since I teach at a college, i felt that the best shot I had was to taper over late spring and summertime. Anyway I had cut my dose last summer in half, surprisingly painlessly. Then School started up, and found i couldn't sleep. Did you experience that? I decided to wait until things calmed down to try again.
This past month I've tried and - though i'm not positive it is the tapering- I've been feeling a lot of anxiety. And i've only taperd half a pill!
I'm willing to try anything! So many people swear by the Ashton method, and so many others have had a hard time , i thought I'd try the valium.
Could you tell me specifically how much you cut back, on what kind of schedule?
Thanks for your time and concern.
Hi Bill,

I understand your frustration. I was on Ativan for 2 years and never took more than 1mg per day. I found I was getting W/D symptoms earlier in the day before my second dose was due and also started to get depressed and apathetic on it. Not to mention my memory flew out the door...:D So, I knew I had to wean myself off. Interestingly, 2 Drs recommend that I up my dose but to keep it under 3mgs per day and I would be fine for life!!!!! RIGHT !

Anyway, I researched the Ashton Method and did a direct water taper from the Ativan. It worked beautifully. I took it VERY slow as I was already in W/D from dose tolerance. It actually took me 18 mos to get off 1mg of Ativan. (1mg Ativan = 10 mg valium).

You can research all this information and you can get water titration schedules. Just remember to take it slowly. I was prescribed Ativan to help recover from a viral inner ear infection. The dizziness made me very anxious and provoked panic attacks. Ativan also supressed the vestibular system which helped a great deal in my vestibular rehab. I can honestly say the Ativan gave me back my life and actually energized me. I felt fantastic on it.....but long term it is a no no....I stil take it very rarely for some personal anxiety issues and it works well taken this way.

Good luck to you....
Stitcher, thanks. The problem I'm having is finding a Dr. to prescribe the Valium. In fact - get this - when I was taking 3 pills a day of the Clonazapam, my Dr. said to take -quote - one less pill per week. so in three weeks i would Benzo free - and possibly out of my mind!
How little they know.
Bill - I tapered directly off the Ativan. I did not cross over to valium. Because Ativan has such a short life, I divided my total daily dose into 3 per day. I started my taper first from my morning dose, waited 2 weeks to stabilize and then made the same cut from my afternoon dose, waited to stabilize and then made the same cut from my evening dose. I repeated this schedule until I suddenly felt I didn't need the morning dose and eliminated it completely. Eventually I did this for the afternoon dose and ended up tapering the nighttime dose. I jumped off at 0.025! A mere nothing....At that point, I never looked back.....I did feel the tapers, mainly in the form of a "headband" feeling about my head, blurred vision, slight swirling feeling and some muscle tension. Keeping busy and eating well took my mind off how I was feeling. Remember I was on this stuff for 2 years and took 18 mos to get off of it. I called it my "turtle taper" but it worked for me.

There is a spreadsheet available for calculating your water taper schedule..