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Well, I have done both anti depressants and herbal remedies. First I was on effexor many years ago, went off that, and then my anxiety and pmdd got really bad. It was after I had my first son. I did not want to try antidepressants at that time (we wanted more children), so I tried evening primrose oil capsules, b complex, and especailly valerian root (it is like an herbal form of valium). I still use Valerian in my tea at bedtime. You can buy sleepytime tea extra, it has valerian in it, or you can buy just the valerian capsules to take when you have anxiety, I think it is like 1-2 tablets. I believe it works and worth a try. Eventually, my herbal remedies was not enough and I tried lexapro, and it is my savior. I was on it for about 1 1/2 years before my second son, and then I went on it again the day he was born. I still use valerian in my tea at night, and often buy the liquid tincture to take if I am having a lot of anxiety.

The best thing to do is buy a book or go to your local library and find a book on herbal medicines. I have a book that explains what herbal remedies you can try for everyday medical issues (like anxiety, depression, migraines, pms etc) and it is worth having it in your books to have. Do you have a local natural living store nearby?

If you have any questions, you can write me back and I can look in my book. The book I have is Prescription for Nutrional Healing, and I bought it in the herbal isles in my local grocery store. I think it was around $20, and well worth it. I hope it is okay to name the book, but it is a great book to use.

I know what it is to have anxiety and not feel good, and I hope this helps.