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Well, you can find anything on the web, if you look long enough. I found an excerpt from a book by a doctor (Kathleen DesMaisons, Ph.D.) who specializes in using nutrition for recovery from addictions.

She has a list of 5 reasons why a person should have medical supervision for detoxing. In other words, I am guessing that a person would be at a higher risk of having the DT's if they have the 5 problems on the list.

I do not have the five problems listed, and so I am going to go ahead and quit on my own. After reading her list, I have less fear of having the DT'S.

I also found a lot of good info on these boards about vitamins and other supplements that people took to make their detox safer and more comfortable. So I am going to also use those supplements.

I even found a post by a woman who said she was going to use 'benzos' to avoid having the DT'S. I am going to go to the health food store, and buy some GABA, an amino acid that is like 'natural' valium. It should be much safer than using 'benzos'!

Here is her list:

You must have medical supervision for your detox if any of the following are true for you:

1. If you have blood pressure higher than 140/90.

2. If you drink more than a six pack of beer daily, more than six 4
oz. glasses of wine or more than eight ounces (half a pint) of liquor
per day for over a year.

3. If you've had prior withdrawal symptoms, such as depression or

4. If you've ever had seizures for any reason, and in particular if
you have had alcohol DT's.

5. And if you are using any other drugs in combination with the alcohol (whether illegal or prescription) but especially benzodiazipines
such as Valium, Librium or Xanex.