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Well anxiety was building all day yesterday and about 8pm last night I had a full blown attack....I took 1.3mg of valium it took a while to calm me down but it did a little....then about 11pm it just stopped working and I was havign another attack I took .3mg again and when it felt i would start to drift off it was like i was having dreams i could control but my mind was alert kinda and awake so it was creepy needless to say I didnt get to sleep until 3am and didnt stay asleep long and this is a BAD day to give up caffeine but I have to.....I cant control this anxiety though i am already bordering panick this a.m. and i feel like i am going to throw up......i dont want to take a valium already but what should i do??
Dizzyandsad, I am sorry you had a horrible night.I think you should take the valium asap, and I would take the strongest dose your dr has prescribed. I think you should treat your symptoms now before they get worse. I hope you don't have to work and are able to stay home and take it easy. You need to take care of yourself and get your control back.

If I might ask, what type of valium are you taking? Is it liquid, the reason I ask is I take valium and I have 5 mg tablets. I can cut them in half and take 2.5 or double them when it is really bad and take 10mg.

I am a mainer too, I live in the eastern part, so hello fellow Mainer! I am worried about you and please write me back, and let me know how you are doing.