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:confused: :wave:

Had the last of my top teeth out on Friday, (5 in total) have had partial plate clipped to what were my remaining teeth until then. Now having full denture which does not fit whatsoever, dentist says have to wait 3 months for bone and muscle etc., to "do its thing" - then they will make me a new one.

:blob_fire: At the moment, my whole head feels like its been used as a football - I had the valium injection for extractions, I have had a lot of swelling to my face on the left side and round my eye which is now beginning to go down, although extractions were done on both sides, also have a lot of pain/soreness where 4 of the extractions have been stitched.

Anyone out there able to tell me how long this will go on for and what adhesives you might have found the best to use - I hate the feeling of this slimy gluey feeling as well as the other symptoms of pain etc at the moment.

I have to go back to the Dentist Tuesday week to have the stitches removed although I have read that some people have been given dissolving ones - just my luck! :rolleyes:

:dizzy: Look forward to hearing from you. Huggie Bear.