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hey Bud --I love to read your writings. I learn so much each time. I have been going to 3 meetings a week and and using the online meetings for the other times. My theory is that I need to engulf myself in as much LEARNING as possible and get time under my belt. A lady at NA last night (who reminds me of you) really surprised me with her story. She is 3 years clean and found herself in a bad place with a bag of pills she was suppose to dispose of for the old lady she worked for. She let us know through tears that after all that time clean, she still had been thinking of using the pills and had schemed how to get them all of it seemed like a blur to her EXCEPT whe it came time to use. The time, knowledge and relationships she had developed in NA made her use her phone instead of the drugs. She called her sponser and dropped the drugs off at the pharmacy. FUNNY PART. She states that she walked in the pharmacy that the old lady had got the drug at over a span of a few years and dropped the BIG bag of 14 pill bottles full of OXY, HYDRO, Valium, etc and said" YOU TAKE THESE AND DO WHAT YOU WANT, GET THEM AWAY FROM ME" Dropped the bag on the table and left. I wish I was there to see the pharmacist face. priceless.

Reach you are a strong women and human. Keep on going and keep posting, it helps so much.