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Oh yes. I had a knee replacement, followed in 2004 by fusion of L2-L4--I actually don't have L2 anymore and all my pants are too long. Then MS diagnosed last July--I pretty much knew I had it (I do lots of medical reading--wish I'd gone to med school). My right side is the weaker side, and I have drop foot there as well as agonizing pain down from the sacroiliac to my toes. The back surgery went great and there's nothing pressing on a nerve, so I think it must be the MS. Or the horrible spacticity I have that is making me think of going back on neurontin, much as I dislike the drug (makes me feel stupider than valium, which I am currently using. But 10 mg only works for about 4 hrs, and I'll only take another 5 mg if it wakes me up. Even when I'm asleep I'm doing it, my partner say--every 15 seconds my whole leg freezes and then kicks out violently. Anyway, I'm about to start a round of dr. visits and phone calls, so we'll see.

So yes, altho my fusion was a grand success, I still have bad hip and knee pain. I'd get that back MRI'd to see what things look like--could be slipping metal or something else--and I'd have my gait assessed by a professional.

Good luck!