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I had my third colposcopy on Tuesday, March 18, 2008. I am like you. I was terrified. I was fearful of the potential pain, and that fear made things seem one hundred times worse. From my experience, I'm going to share this with you: take pain medicine ahead of time! The first time I took Tylenol (don't make this mistake- it doesn't help); the second time I got a Valium from a friend of mine and took 1/2 of it beforehand, which helped; last week I got a Percocet from a friend and took 2/3 of a tablet and I did absolutely fine. If you take Ibuprofen ahead of time, which the doctor recommended, I suggest taking at least 3. I'm not suggesting you go out and find someone's pain pills and take them without a doctor's advice because that could be dangerous(!) but I recommend that you take something to dull the potential pain (maybe it's subconscious or maybe it's real, but you will want to take something to be sure).
My procedure lasted less than 10 minutes. Afterward, I drove myself to the store and walked around and went shopping. I had only slight "pinching" during the procedure and absolutely no pain following the procedure, but I did have a strange side effect. I experienced a terrible smell for several days following the procedure - accompanied by a very unpleasant discharge that appeared to be dead cells or remnants of a cotton swab used to apply solution within me. I have an IUD and this cottony discharge got tangled in my IUD string (a fishing-line type plastic string attached to the IUD) and I had to clean myself out by inserting a finger and pulling clumps of this "discharge" out. It was pretty gross actually.
My doctor said to wait at least 3 days following the procedure to have sexual intercourse, but I would recommend longer if you have discharge. It did not make me feel very sexy at all!
Following my past colposcopies, I experienced a blackish coffee-ground-like discharge that was unpleasant. This time, the discharge was worse, but "normal" according to my doctor.
Best of luck as you go through this. Let us know how it goes, ok? Most importantly, it is critical that us women be proactive in taking care of our health and health screenings. If this occasional unpleasantry is worth saving me from getting cervical cancer, I am VERY happy to deal with it from time to time! My brother died of cancer last year, and I wouldn't wish his slow, nightmare of death upon anyone. Blessings to you!
Julie, 41 years old.