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I'm kind of in a panic right now myself. I've suffered from a panic disorder for 31 yrs. The first drug I was given in the 70's for it was Valium. The next was Xanax, and even though I kept telling the Dr. it wasn't working, he kept upping the dose, until I finally told him he was nuts and went to someone else. That Dr. was shocked at the dose I was on, considering I weighed about 105#, so he took me off that and put me on Klonopin and Imipramine, which was about 25 yrs. ago. I have been on disability for 1 yr. now for severe depression, PTSD, agorophobia, and I guess that's it. I had checked myself into our local mental health hospital over a year ago, and kept asking them about being on Klonopin for that long (I didn't stay on the imipramine for long), and if the long term use of that could be causing the depression, and obviously wasn't working on my panic attacks, but they just upped the dose and put me on Lexapro, too. The Lexapro didn't work, so I'm now on 3 mg. of Klonopin daily. I've tried to wean myself very slowly from the Klonopin, as I've heard that it can really damage your liver (which my Dr. has never checked), nervous system, etc. I can get down about 1 mg. over a long period of time, but then I start to get really physically sick. Does anyone know anyone who has #1-been on Klonopin that long, and #2-ever successfully gotten off of it? Help! I think the Drs. here won't admit I shouldn't have been on it this long, because they don't want to "bust" my Dr. Thanks for any advise!:confused: