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hey there hon,for some insane reason,i simply could not actually find 'our' thread? did ya see it?lol. just wondering how your PT went for you? i am sooo happy i actually went back to my old cranio and myofascial guy for this rotator PT stuff. despite the fact that he books up really fast,he does understand my screwed up body really well and i do trust him completely and knew he would know just where i was at physically. a new PT person kind of scared me quite frankly. then there is ALL that explaining to do all over again,that just gets old. its just way too complicated these days.

i saw him yesterday for PT number one. he is also doing some mild myofascial release on me too. god it was wonderful sammy. he finally released some of that insane tightness up in my neck and upper back areas? wow. i also got my pully thingy too and he showed me my excercises. i actually mentioned you to him and he mentioned the name of this tendon but i cannot for the life of me remember the name but he said if you actualy had this one particular tendon sewen up/worked on alot,it would be highly understandable just why your ribcage is the way it is right now. and just plain painful. i wish i could remember it,damn.

he was kind of suprised that i was able to do what i am at this point. the only reason i am even at this point is only becasue i HAD TO in order to just even "do' certain stuff with my left one missing so many fine motor muslces? and this new puppy stuff also helped too. this puppys needs are just there and have to be taken care of too. so honestly,i think you are probably right where you should be at this point in your recovery hon. i am just a bit over right now.

please let me know whats up with you and how your PT went,K? i do hope it didn't create a bigger mess than you already had going. i took a half a valium before my PT and the other half after,that really seemed to help some with pain and spasms. let me know hon,marcia
i would have to tend to agree totally with your PT people,i REALLY do think there are other contributing factors with your situation,most definitely. she is also right about the MRIs,they cannot possibly pick up every single thing that is going on,it is not like taking a pic with a camera ya know,its simply a scan of an area. how long ago was that MRI done on your c and t spines? if it was an actual scan of the c and t areas that didn't show anything and not just that shoulder MRI then it does need to be done specifically on those areas,or if it was more than like a year or so. a standing MRI could also help better define your issues too, i do know they have those types of MRIs at alot more places now. best thing they ever invented espescially when a persons actual pain is only present when they are standing,helloo??

i was going to suggest the journal to you right after you mentioned about having 'good" and 'bad" times(this is kind of the way my pain is too). this could show some level of patterning going on too. it really does help. i always do this whenever i am starting a new med,just so i have a full listing of symptoms and side effects. you should read my lyrica and cymbalta journals,lol. man what "trips' those were,wow.

if you really want to make certain that your surgeon really pays attention to your PT notes hon,just start obtaining copies of them after every visit(ask the pts when they get those done and when you could obtain a copy,or just have them send out a copy to you,or even pick up the last one at the next visit? you do have options there). then you would be able to go over them BEFORE you ssee him again and ask any questions from them directly to him. signing one release there will able you to obtain them for one year. this way any 'news' wouldn't take you by suprise or make you wonder just why a particular finding or some other important info was left out of them,you know what i mean? at least this way you will know what HE is getting and can ask him about their findings. just a thought for your particular case.

i really DO think ,mostly becasue of what your PT said,that obtaining something like valium or vistral(just works better than other muscle relaxers i have personally tried) would be a very good idea. i take the valium before my PT appts now and my PT guy actually told me how much looser my arm felt this last time(it also didn;t feel as bad after PT). it really does help to just loosen up all that tightness we both have in a very severe way. mine is exactly like what you described,i do think some of this just comes with the territory and also having c spine issues doesn't help at all,trust me on that one. this particular surgery has just exascerbated the living heck out of all my pre existing issues up there. everything was just so inflammed and tighter than all get out before i started doing the light myo release. that has been the best help by far. he just worked very extensively with my ROM the last time but also did the light myo too. helped tons. he just did everything VERY slowly on me.

being that alot of your problems do have the muscle base,the valium would really help alot i think. it also wouldn't hurt to maybe ask if anyone at your PT place actually does myo release too. honestly sammy,this has really been so helpful for me and my pain and the godawful tightness i have up there. from both shoulder blades on up thru the base of my skull was just a mess,still is to a certain degree but that was already a mess before this surgery,just made things much much worse.

well i gotta go see my dentist again this morning about these two stupid teeth that kind of started their very own sympathetic pain syndrome when all i did was have that one stupid tooth filled about one week pre op? yep,it is still terrorizing me. unbelieveable really. but i would really start obtaining all your PT notes hon just so you know what your doc will be seeing. it would really benefit you and make certain that you would know just what he is talking about or being able to ask the right questions based on what the PT people are telling both you and him. its just a good idea for you at this point ya know? hang in there sammy,marcia
Sorry about the teeth, hate anything to do with the teeth.
Not doing good. could not get through PT yesturday. the therapist is concerned, she is going to give it a bit longer & then call the surgeon if it does not get easier soon. Both shoulders a mess. Ribs really bad, swollen & sore. She pretty much said slow it down or else. So I promised that I would & see how it goes. I think Its going to take a few days. Felt like a kid, pretty much begged her to hold off on calling the surgeon & let me try to find some help at work. Really bad my friend, not a whole lot of movement with that arm with out pain yesturday. I have to admit they are careful there, they do not like to cause you pain at all. She is concerned about the whole rib thing. between being a wild women in my sleep & going back to work I really think I over did it, feel like I am loosing control of the pain.
I will try the valium today before pt, not sure how to tell the surgeon I took something though that he did not prescribe. Some docs. are funny about that. Although it was prescribed by the rehab. for this problem & to help calm me down, he thought I had a hard time accepting my limitations, imagine that, think that is why I am going backwards here (ha). I am a total mess. Of course I knew it would be to much.
So I am going to find some help at work, no choice at all, I feel abit foolish. The surgeon took me off work till april 15 & I have been working for probably over a month on & off. Although I usually don't have to do so much physically, my client got a pace maker put in on an emergency basis, so it was not expected & we did not get to plan for it & she is on physical restriction which caused me to have to do all the work plus my own at home.
I just don't know what the surgeon would say. Probably look at me like I am a fool, which I am.
My sister in law brought some stuff over for me to try. So I will give it a try today. She swears by it. I will let you know as much as I am able if it works. Not sure how that works with the rules here. I am willing to try just about anything at this point. But this is all natural & wont harm you so it is safe enough. I am back to icing big time. Feels good. The right side hurt pretty bad yesturday, especially the scapula area.
I am worried sick that the surgeon is going to cut back on the pain meds, at this point I just can't do it. I am tired of being sent from doc. to doc. & even though he is a general ortho. along with shoulder surgeon he did not offer to look into the rib cage, which I did not realize till I seen general ortho on his card which I grabbed on the way out.
you know it is the most stressful thing to worry about having someone treat this pain. Your talking about your life here. I don't get it because they did say it could take up to a year for a full recovery, we will see. Good luck at the dentist, will be taking a trip there myself soon. Sammy
sammy hon, i can tell just from your posts here that you ARE way overdoing it,seriously. this is not helping YOU or your situation at all. one thing i just HAD to learn post spinal cord surgery is you just gotta let go of the things in your life that are making things worse for you. you just have to,your future function and mobility with that whole arm right now depends on it sweetie. your just wanting your "normal' back right now and that IS very understandable,but you just cannot afford to screw things up anymore than they already are,you just can't. it just sounds like you have everything fully inflammed all the time,and that wont help with healing,trust me there. somehow sammy,you just have to learn to accept your current situation and the limitations for the greater outcome here. for you,they are probably only temporary and once things get that chance to really calm down,things will stabilize more for you. i know exactly where you are at in your head,believe me,i have been down this road many times. you just have to take it easy if you want to progress from here. you just have to put your 'wants' aside right now and fully concentrate just on you,and only you and your very real "needs'. isn't there someone else who can take over your duties at your job right now for you?

i am not too certain just what you do for a living but i have a strong feeling that it involves you doing things that would not make your surgeon or the PT very happy with it? am i right? i am only telling you this hon becasue i care about you and really want you to get back to normal too,but you DO have to accept the temporary situation right now and just do what is the best possible thing for you,not someone else right now.

how you recover from this and how quickly that takes place is alot in your own hands sammy. i had to force myself to just accept some very permanent disabilities and some temporary set backs back in 03 post surgery on my spinal cord. it sucked of course but i just had to go there since it Was in my own best interest at that point to just do what my surgeon and my physiatrist were telling me i needed to do. cripes,i came home from rehab walking again but with a walker(i was only in my early 40s and using a flippin walker,it was sick),but i was upright and standing on my own power for the first time since that surgery knocked my entire left leg and hand totally out of commission. it took a heck of alot of constant work and dedication to just getting the heck out of the rehab hosp(i just wanted home again after being gone for over a month in two seperate hospitals)then continuing three times a week PT to just be able to "do' for myself again(i felt VERY needy and useless and selfish at the time believe me).but you just have to place you first for a change and concentrate on that for a change. i KNOW its hard to do just that but right now,you have to go there. it IS the best possible thing you can do right now.

sorry,didn't want to come over as a lecture or something but honestly sammy,you HAVE to look at the bigger picture here ya know? YOU come first for now. that will eventually change but for right now,you have to place yourself and your needs first or this will never end hon,it is just too inflammed to actually heal right now.

okay i am done with that now i promise,lol. i do think trying the valium just to see how it works would be a really good idea. even cutting them in half and trying to take one half just during the course of the day may help to keep the muscle crap at least,more on an even keel. this is what i have to do to keep the constant spasticy in both legs down to a dull roar(mine are only 5mg which i cut down to only half). it could help and be worth a try anyways. you wont know if this would actually work til you just try it. i seriously doubt your surgeon would have any real problems with trying the valium,mine actually encouarged it. it just really helps in keeping things a bit less tight and lowers spasming.

but i DO really think obtaining those PT notes would really be your best shot in ensuring that you and your surgeon,and the PT people are all onthe very same page here. getting your notes also from your surgeon would also be very helpful in just seeing what his overall "impressions" are about your ongoing issues. you just gotta stay on top of a few different things here and getting that info is really really helpful for you,just to know what is actually "in' other peoples heads about you and your conditon. and like i mentioned before,you DO have a PM option here too if your surgeon starts cutting you off before that pain really starts to go down. and you DO need that diagnostic stellate injection done,really sammy,you just do. so a PM really wouldn't be such a bad idea at this point actually. but given your ongoing situation,i really cannot imagine your surgeon just cutting you off this soon either. you still need that help just to tolerate PT you know what i mean?

you are just going to have to slow it down ALOT an see how things go from here, but do get those notes. and like i mentioned before,getting that MRI done on that c spine and T really wouldn't hurt either. you need to know what may be also contributing to your constant inflammation in there. its just really time to try and rule in and out other contributors. at least you would no either way and thats something to go on.

i really hope you were not offended in any way about what i told you hon,it really comes from just total concern and caring about what you are going thru. believe me sammy, i have been thru this kind of crap more times than i care to even count,and i learned my lessons the hard way by pushing myself to get my normal back just way too soon,and i did pay for it in alot of ways. i am just trying to spare you that. something has just got to give here and only you know what those things are that you need to try and remove from your life temporarily that will help YOU the most. you are just simply doing way too much way too soon and are paying already for it in some ways. healing just wont take place in the best possible way when there is simply too much constant inflammtion going on. just let some things go hon,i promise you things will really "feel' much better if you do just this. i am hanging in right there with ya sammy. til the morrow(aint i well mannered?)marcia
well Marica you are right. The PT went abit over all the ligaments attatching the muscles & all that good stuff today. She is really shocked at how hyper mobile the ribcage is, took another look today twice, she thought the first time she did it she misjudged & repeated it before I left, she just pretty much said wow, you have got to have some pain with that, that it is pretty bad. Wrote my PCP a letter because she was a bit concerned about the arorta in the stomach, the center is very tender in between the ribs, stomach area & because it can kind of have alittle throbbing in that area to they want it checked out to be sure there is nothing going on, so more cardiac testing.

To be honest I was in such a bad mood between urgent care & my pcp, I walked in showed all the meds that I have never finished such as the oxy, I am just sick of all these doctors thinking that you want pain meds. He was not to pleased I think, tough. I got the pt telling me how painful this has got to be & the doctors just ignoring it.
I just flat out told him I am not asking for stronger pain meds just figure out whats going on, the surgeon suggested the same, make sure there is nothing internal going on to. Can't win. Well he said well your pretty messed up there so you will have to a rehab doc, for the muscles, I told him I was seeing one for several months before the surgey. The one I was seeing did not want to continue treating the pain, so where does that leave me.
I am just fed up, at least the PT is trying & keeps an eye on the ribs. She just keeps saying she finds it hard to believe they were not injured. Now I have to hope to find a PM who can work on the muscles/ribs or a rehab. who will treat the pain. Great. Lets just hope the pt works out.
I don't think I can stand much more to top it all off I really am getting worried, I am going to let them do this testing & continue some pt, if it get worse I will ask them to look into more tests on the ribs. It really can be painful. He said stay on the steroids & muscle relaxers, but the pt wants me to half the relaxer & use it only when I need to because the muscles are already weak, so now I have to see if I can break the flexerril in half. I swear I would rather just take the valium. God forbid I say that. I did tell him that the ribs hurt pretty darn bad, he said well take the pain meds, surgeon will love to hear that.
Can't seem to get through to these doctors, they just want to pass you off to the next one. No wonder people in pain get depressed. Oh yea, back off work as of next week, well only going in one more day I think this week.
The pt wants me to stay in the binder, she says the ribs are just to hyper mobile & at least that will help keep them alittle in place, she wants me to try to sleep in it, well you know how I do in my sleep, great no telling where the thing will end up. Not a good day. I don't have the buring pain in the ribs, forget to answer that for you or heat, the pt has been kind of checking for body tempature changes at times there.
Marcia, I am really, really suffering here. I have so much darn chest & ribs pain & the pt is really worried & glad they are doing some tests, cardiac, not sure if anything will show the only other thing I can think of is the stomach, which is tender to even touch between the breast bones.
Pt is pretty concerned & she said the same as you push the doctors, she felt some of the throbbing in the ribs today. Everytime they work the shoulder they aggravate the ribs. It is way out of hand. Thsi pain is hardly under control with the percocet, she keeps saying that all the muscles are so tight, chest (major & minor), lots of back pain, even dang scapula area. Trust me I am barely hanging on.
The pt believes even though the ribs may be suffering due to the shoulder there is definantly something else going on in there, she said write down every single thing.
I broke down & took a muscle relaxer we will see how that goes, along with a zantac.
Steroid pack is not doing a thing. Back in the sling to try to take the pressure off the ribs. Crazy.
I can't go on like this, honestly I am miserable. I don't care I am taking the perocet every four hrs, & I will tell the surgeon that my pcp told me to stay on it for the rib pain, heck it is barely working & that is what has me worried, can't get rid of all this chest & rib pain. I wonder if the muscles are so tight will that make it harder for the pain med to do its job, what do you think?
This is the worst I have felt since surgery, I am going in for my last pt before seeing the surgeon, if I can & telling them just theraputic that is it till I see the surgeon. I need to make sure she emphasizes how bad it is in here report. She did say that the ribs & chest are holding back the shoulder therapy although there is alittle improvement there. I am not sure if the surgeon will ever tackle the ribs, I am going to say not. I am definantly asking for pain managment till this is figured out. I am not suffering anymore, they can keep looking for a solution.

I would say nothing shows in cardiac then the stomach is next. Although we know the ribs are messed up pretty bad, the pt thinks there is more & so do I at this point. Almost could not take it today, only the fear of laying in ER kept me from going. I am doing nothing at all until this pain goes down. I have to say I am getting worried, chest pain is getting worse, my PCP thinks it is the muscles in the chest wall but how does that help me in controlling this pain, the only thing else I can think of is the thoracic spine. I am hoping that with the pt's input maybe an MRI will be brought up at least for the ribs.

I will see, but again I am almost positive the surgeon will not want to get to involved with the ribs. Funny the movement of the shoulder really set thems off right now so in some way it is linked, you know. Very complicating. The PT mentioned that doctors get stuck on one thing & do not investigate further, like it totally escapes them that there could be multiple things going on. I even thought of an ulcer, I know that can really be nasty. I am grasping at straws of course but no way could I go on like this.
At this rate I was better before pt, I know I messed going back to work but pt is not helping right now. So it is theraputic or nothing for the time being. The PT is really helpful with suggestions & I am depending on her to let the surgeon know how bad it is, that is why I am hanging in there. Crap, I can't even tell you how painful this is, I would much rather have the shoulder pain then the chest & ribs. Let me know what you think about the muscles being that tight, getting sharp pains right in the breat bone along with lots of pulsating throbbing in chest & ribs. Even my whole upper back hurts. I have had so many cardiac tests done in the past other wise I would be freaking out.
Has to be something. I am staying on all the meds, pain, zantac, if the flexerill does not kick in then I am trying the valium, not messing around with this pain. Have 3 more days of steroids & they said not to mix the motrin due to the stomach. It gets so bad I just can't get a full inhalation in, you know. Something had to trigger this to be this bad.

I did get a jolt in the shoulder form my daughter along with the very aggressive pt on the same day, it really got bad after that, whether that is a coincedence I don't know.
Anyway just venting, aren't you lucky!
You know how I value your opinion so what do you think of it all? Sammy
did you mention in one of your other posts that this particular PT IS doing some form of actual myofascial relaease on you at one time? honestly sammy,the myo was the ONLY thing that really seemed to 'unlock" that whole tightend scrunched up area for me. i am so glad i went back to my same pT guy just for this alone. the thing here is if you ARE getting it,it really should be helping to rid some of that tension and tightness in there ya know? my whole upper right from the base of my skull thru the blade was sooo tight it felt like someone was like turning a key back there and just winding and winding me tighter and tighter. even that very first session with my PT guy and he just did some very light myo,it really did help in lowering that intensity in there.

i am certain that you are also dealing with some really solid trigger points in there too. you simply cannot have that much ongoing inflammation without getting those hidious wads of muscle and tissue wadding up on you. i still have tons but i had these really bad for years even before my shoulder surgery was done. the myo, lido patches and biofreeze are about the only things that have really honestly helped with mine. let me know whether or not you are actually getting the myo hon. if you are,tell me what actually takes place when she does it,K? there is a particular reaction you 'should' be getting if she is actually doing this on you and doing it right. what does your arm do while she is doing this? does it 'move' by itself at all when she does it?

personally i find valium to be the most helpful with all my tension up there. i take it mostly for my legs to keep the spasms down to a duller roar,but it also really helps up there too. i really DO feel you desperately NEED that MRI right now sammy.that really would just actually 'show" that area the best and that IS what you need to see ya know? when they use the contrast it would also higlight the arterial structures too,so the aorta would be shown upon the right angles of the MRI too. they just do things that way when you have the MRI. whatever needs looking into,they can do just that for you.

it would be unlikely that your surgeon would really want to take onthe rib thing since,despite their being a real connection there,it IS another issue that HE is not actually responsible for,you know what i mean? surgeons are like that,believe me. i had the very same problem with my NS that did my c spine surgeies on me. that was a trip. that is what actually sent me up to the U of MN. just to find out whether or not my cavernoma in my cord was causing this ungodly hidious pressure/prying sensation under my right shoulder blade post op. of course,it was,despite what the other NS kept telling me. thats what over 30 years experience as the head teaching prof and the head of neurosurgery did for me. that man was an amazing neurosurgeon. too bad he upped and retired on me two years after he did my cord surgery. but he did do one last wonderful thing for me. he sent me for an MRA just because i felt changes in paresthsias in my face, just to rule out an aneurysm, guess what,he was right. man was i lucky. my aneurysm never actually showed upon plain MRI(i have to decline contrast becsue of my kidney disease) but did upon that MRA,loud and clear.

the one thing that this surgeon DOES owe you tho hon is getting that MRI done so he can refer you to who you need to see depending upon what is or is not found in there. it just really needs to be done sammy,this IS so ridiculous that they just have not yet done this for you. SOOO many questions would be answered with one test. also seeing that PM for the stellate too would help to either rule the SNS in or out,you just do have the symptoms of at least somelevel of involvement,and it would help your pain situation if it is related in any way.

despite the crap you have going on in there,your main gol in your body is to try and keep things the least inflammed so those muscles will also calm down. tall order i know,but the less crap going on will help up there. i also got slammed in the back of my shoulder by this stupid puppy. he is a greatdane/english mastiff mix that at only at 15 weeks has the mass and the muscle of most full grown dogs. got me really good two days ago while i was trying to locate my missing slipper and was kind of bent over? he came running up behind me and just nailed the back of that shoulder. oh owieee. its just been more painful overall ever since. that kind of scares me a bit. i see my PT guy on friday so i am going to have him run thru the ROM and see if there could be a glitch there. i sure hope not. things were going so well ya know? the PT pain was bad enough when i started that. this whole thing has just sucked for both of us in soo many ways,but i know yours is like ten times what my pain is. i really do worry about you sammy. i just want you to get the right stuff done as soon as possible so you can get and just 'feel" better soon. this really has gone on more than long enough without the benefit of any real Dx as to what IS the underlying problem.

i would have that serious talk with your surgeon about your very real "needs' here soon. the PT person should also speak directly with him too. just push for what you know needs to be done hon. hang in there sammy. and good luck in getting this all done for you. Marcia
well,finally some GOOD news. thats great sammy,really.you GOT what has been needed for sooo long. TPs are trigger points that develop from guess what? inflammation of the nerves which trigger the muscle and surrounding tissue to just contract and wad up on you. mine have always been bad,but amazingly,this PT guy i now have was actually able to release even two that i have had for over ten years deeply under my right shoulder blade. i am wondering if your surgeon is sending you for deep myofascial release. this would be what you need right now. this is not a rigid type of therepy,it is actually somewhat relaxing. i always 'feel' much more 'loose" back there after he does his thing up in that bad area.

your fascia just HAS TO be so incredibly tight and inflammed at this point from everything you are feeling and have been thru,this therepy should give that part some good relief. i am thrilled you got the MRI hon,honestly,this has been sooo needed for you just to see what is or is not actually back there right now firing off all of this ungodly pain. it will show pretty much like what showed up upon your shoulder one? the muscle/tendon/ligaments and the surrounding organs and tissue too. hopefully they will be able to identify the true problem areas with this. this would also give a looksee into the thorasic spine to a certain degree. the contrast should help with that.

all in all it does sound at least that your surgeon now is fully aware of how bad this situation actually is for you or believe me hon,at this point in your recovery,he probably would have stopped the narcotics completely on you. he KNOWS something just is not right at this point. i too would be very curious to know just exactly what that fax contained too. it obviously impacted him and that nurse too.hmmm.

i am thinking the only reason he did not actually try and check your ROM is simply becasue he knows how bad this is and how any movements that he would have had to do would completley set off another pain experience for you. i am pretty certain if he said no more PT that he is a bit afraid to even 'do' anything physical to that area right now. as you already are aware much more than me,any movements in that area just set off a pain syndrome of sorts that does get triggered. he also had all your PTs notes and whatever popped up in that fax. so i think he is already aware of what your actual ROMs are just based upon those couple things. i would be relieved that he didn;t or you would be in much more pain right now than before that appt ya know? tho it would appear odd on the surface for him to not do that again,under the circumstances i think he was just trying not to make a bad situation worse for you. he already KNOWS your ROM ya know?

one bit of advice before you have that MRI done,and this does come from ALOT(16 MRIs)of actual experience? make sure you have a driver to it,then take one of your pain meds before you leave your house then take another when you get there. also,if you have any valium left,take one of those too(or just half,depending upon the strength). this really does help just to be able to relax and ease any pain from just having to lie there. for some of us,just the lying there part can get ugly. you will need to try and stay as still as possible or they will have to redo the whole thing since you changed a posistion and things wont line up right? so get as comfy as you possibly can and go with the flow just to get it all over as quickly as possible. i ALWAYS keep my eyes closed during it and just imagine myself like lying on a beach somewhere. it does help to imagine you are somewhere else. you tend to stay more relaxed that way. so when is this set for or have you not got that far yet?

i really am happy forya sammy,honestly. i do so feel for you and what you have had to go thru with this dang surgery and recovery. hopefully we are now on the right track and this MRI will actually show the problem back there. you just really NEEDED this test hon. i am happy i have been able to at least help keep you focused on the big things hon. believe me,when i have ahd surgeries that didn;t go as planned,i only wished someone was there for me to help me thru it. someone who had just gone thru or ever had gone thru what i was dealing with would have helped sooo much. this also makes ME feel like i am doing something positive for someone else who is suffering too. so its just not you that is benefitting from our chats hon,lol. i totally have always believed that things are just supposed to happen the way they do for a specific reason.seeing what i did while working ems and the insane things that i saw and who lived and who died for some really incredibly wierd ways or reasons really helped reaffirm that everything happens for reasons that we don;t always know or understand. but they DO happen for a reason. luckily,we both were going thru the very same thing at almost the very same time. we just naturally helped each other cuz we were both feeling things that no one else understood. i do consider you a true friend sammy,despite the fact we don;t actually know each other? i am just happy that i have been able to help you with this in any way.

well,that hard part is done so now just look to the MRI and hopefully at least some things will be explained. you just got past one huge hurdle sammy and that IS progress. sometimes progress comes in baby steps ya know? knowing your surgeon is not going to just cut off the only thing that makes this bearable is also a huge deal too. i think you made ALOT of progress today hon.
find out just exactly what this new therepy actually is,K? i do think since he feels some of this is actually myo,that is what he is sending you for. it DOES help alot for me sammy. i couldn't wait to get back to my PT JUST for this myofascial relaease therepy,i just knew it would help alot based upon my past experience with him.

hopefully this will be your turningpoint sammy and things will only get better. you sooo deserve some peace in your life. as usual,keep me posted. hang in there sammy. Marcia
glad to see you haven't lost your sense of humor hon,lol. that IS the one thing that keeps me going sometimes,just being able to laugh. honestly my youngest who just turned 21 and my husband sit and act sometimes like they are a old married couple with little snipes at each other(all in good humor,nothing nasty) and just do really stupid stuff to each other,it just cracks me up. this is how my son handled being in the hospital too. it was sooo grim sometimes but when we first would walk in the door of his room,my hubby would hit him with a "zing' of some kind and if he immediately came back with one,we knew he was having an okay kind of day. but when he didn't go there,we knew he was suffering that day. it was horrid sammy,really horrid. but by the grace of god and things just timed out in like down to the minute with certain things just 'happeneing at key times. we got his new liver. it really was miraculous. and such a beautiful one of a kind gift from a family who had just had to pull the plug on their brain dead 12/13 year old daughter. i never forget that family or their child and the true real gift of life they gave him. so far so good with things actually going much much better for him than i ever thought possible now for the past ,almost eight years. it will be eight in june. unreal actually. but you get thru the bad stuff sammy at some point and things will turn around for you too. it will just take that specific testing to reveal whats going on,but you WILL find out. just keep hangin on to that sense of humor hon,really. it helps me get thru the bad days.

i would imagine that the MRI,if they have to use this stupid little brace thingy that they did on me for you,it will be a bit painful. depending upon what you normally dose when you actually take your "normal" perc dose,just half that before you go and then take the other when you get there. it just will keep the coverage going a bit better. how 'used to' the ten mg are you at this point? do you ever have to take two at a time? if you have done this before then i honestly would take a full one pre and then another full one there. or half the next one instead. you know more about what you take normally and i don't so plan around that. but the valium really does help me get thru this too. you just HAVE TO try and stay as still as possible so you don;t have to stay in there longer ya know? one thing that actually helps me is to have them place a blanket around my upper body then i kind of pull it tighter around my arms so it helps to stabilize the chest area better since my arms do tend to have a mine of their own sometimes like my legs? this just holds them tighter to my body along the sides so any little spasm wont screw things up. it really does help. your just kind of wrapping yourself up some(remember how you used to wrap your babies?).

sammy,you not only got a 'good' pt person,you actually probably got one of the best in your area just based upon everything you have yold me about her and the things she has done and informed your surgeon about. she is also advocating FOR you too. shes a keeper in my book,seriously. some i have had were not worth me actually even showing up for all the real 'help' they provided me in just mamaging pain and other muscle issues. the PT guy i have now i wouldn't trade for anything. hes just that good and that caring about how well i am really doing. thats a huge deal sammy. we both got lucky there. don't ever lose this lady if you can possibly help it,she IS the right person for your situation.

i really am happy you are at least feeling some reduction in the overall nastiness today.thats always a huge plus. i too am going freaking crazy right now with not being ableto just 'do' anything either. just gotta take it slow. my upper arm in that very same area where i actually woke up to pain during that half asleep surgery is just killing me right now. i wish i could actually take aleeve or some other anti inflam right now but can't becasue of the aneurysm/asa thing. i KNOW some of that pain is inflammation within that joint from just going into the newer areas but man this sucks. its like a recycled pain process that keeps repeating over and over everytime i get it calmed down again. but that one icky spot just always stays sore(that upper arm like in the actual bicep or some muscle there). my surgeon has no clue as to how or why i actually felt any pain in the middle of that blocked area during the surgery. it just doesn't seem possible,but i KNOW what i felt and woke up to,and he was in that area at the time too. just too freaky when it comes to my body.

well,keep me posted hon. just take it easy on yourself. let hubby DO whatever the heck he wants for you right now. i am sure there is much payback coming your way if your hubby is anything like mine???take what you can get while you can get it,lol. hope you have a good day sammy,marcia
Marcia, You are one strong lady, Bless your family. Talk about the gift of life. I am so very happy your son is here with us today. Glory be to god. I'll tell you for those non believers that is a miracle in itself. I have heard of organ transplants & those who receive. How special. Your son is the same age as my daughter, 21, my youngest is 151/2. I can only handle the two, well plus my husband that makes 3, he is 49 going on 16. I swear I have to tell that man to do the work before play time, he actually will tell our neighbor when he calls he can't come out to play, he has to do the bills or something. No wonder my mother in law told me there was a no return policy. I am really going to have to look into haircolor that covers the gray.

I'll tell you my friend I am so tired of feeling like crap, between all the meds & pain control I honestly can't say what it feels like to feel normal.
I am more worried that nothing will show on the MRI then anything else, I don't think I could handle it. My pt said she does not trust them. I can't be suffering & nothing be going on. My surgeon warned me that it could indeed be all in the muscles. I am really get tired of it all, the wondering more then anything.
I usually take 1 to 11/2 or perc. in the morning, I refuse to go back up to 2 which is stupid, but I worry with all the meds I am on, I know it probably is not alot compared to some. I take three doses aday with the motrin & flex. in between. For now I am trying to take 1/2 doses of the flex. & motrin if I can, been feeling aliitle dazed & light headed I wonder if it could be the Flexerri? I just know how bad it all is for your body. I tried 1/2 of a perc for this last dose of the day, if I don't feel relief I take the other half with in the hour. All I can do is try. If I would not get up so freaking early I could probably get away with two doses, but never fails, up with the sun, 7:00 is sleeping in for me.

I have been back in the sling along with the binder, but I stayed in them all day yesturday & about a half hour after going to bed I had such pain in my chest I swear I thought I was having a heart attack. I thought maybe it was from the arm being in the sling all day. I am trying what ever works. Went out for abit today & just could not wait to get home. I just can't seen to use the left arm or do much. Man, if it is the muscles how long does is take to heal you know? I know I have more pain control through resting this past week but it really gets to me. I just started getting some better pain control so I know the best I feel is when I do nothing & stay off my feet, that is hard to do.

I plan on taking valium & half the pain med. before the MRI, if I can timeit right. It bothers me that I really have not been able to cut back more then abit since surgery. I am beginning to wonder if pushing myself caused more injury. I felt so tired today & out of it that when I was out I felt so darn depressed, I know the meds are making me tired to & I am loosing alot of weight.
I don't think I have ever been more nervous over a test. I just think I will loose it it nothing shows. Its funny the pt & my family know somethng is up but I often feel like because the doctors can't figure it out they think its in my head or something, or just slap on a dx such as the chest wall crap, for 3 yrs, give me a break.
I have had so many tests that I am so afraid that if this does not show what else can they do? I have been having this dang pain go into the hip & burning pains in my leg, yet I am afraid to say anything to anyone. I know I should but I just can't have the pcp looking at me like I am the 8th wonder of the world. I think the binder helps so I will stay in it. I go for an osteo manipulation appointment this week, it's what the surgeon wants so I fugure I'll give it a try. I am aliitle hesatant that they will aggravate that area. It took months to get into this place so they have to be pretty successful. I am going to put a new thread up, just for the heck of it, to see if anyone has had this type of problem. I am feeling it in that back scapula area abit to. How about you, any problems?
Going to have to do a new thread or we are going get this one closed down, you think?
Can't have that, I would go nuts with out you to vent to, who else would tell me what to expect before all these tests, & I just joined the "freak "club. Talk to you soon, Sammy