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I have had IV sedation several times for oral surgery and have never had any problems. I was given valium in the IV - not sure if other drugs can be used as well. I had no ill side or after affects - other than being a bit drowsy for a while afterwards. Most dentist make you wait in a recovery room for a short period afterwards until you are at least stable enough to walk and you need someone to accompany you when you leave. I am currently in the process of scheduling some perio work and when the dentist offered IV sedation I jumped at the offer - that's how great I think it is. But keep in mind everyone is different in terms of tolerance of the sedation drug used. You must also advise the dentist or anesthesiologist if you are taking any other meds or dietary supplements as well and if you had ever had any type of allergic reaction to any meds in the past. I talked my BIL into having IV sedation when he had a tooth pulled last year - and he hates any kind of needles- but afterwards he told me it made the extraction seem so simple b/c it went so fast - he felt no pain at all which was another fear he had. It costs a bit more and not all insurance cos cover it but worth it in my opinion.
I highly recommend IV sedation. I just had 1 wisdom tooth and 1 molar removed on the 17th. I don't have the money to get the others taken care of and they're not bothering me at this moment. Anyways the dentist gave me 2 valium to take 1 hour before surgery which really helped. All I remember was getting the laughing gas mask and the nurse saying I would feel a slight pinch from the needle and then I woke up. It was a breeze. The Only thing that I would ask for is some anti nausea medication b/c the vicodin they gave me made me throw up EVERYTHING I ate. Its not fun to puke when you already feel horrible and you haven't eaten for like 15 hours.They switched me to darvocet and gave me some of nausea medicine and now I'm fine. Good luck.

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