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Hi, The previous posts have just about covered it.
He should discuss the possible procedures and outcomes with his GP. Depending on your Dad's level of discomfort (chest/exertion pain) there is a possibility that one or more stents will be placed during the angiogram. He needs to make an informed decision about whether or not a stent should be placed when and if a blockage is found. There are several types of stents too. He needs to know what DES and metal stents are.
Some cardiologists are more inclined to place stents and some are more reluctant, especially if the level of discomfort is manageable. Some cardiologists might prefer to exhaust all possible non-invasive options (ie medication treatments, etc.) before using a stent. Often, with lifestyle changes, exercise, aggressive medication, and diet, partial blockages (up to 80%) can be managed for years without stenting. However, the angiogram is the best investigative procedure to examine the status of the heart's arteries. That is an essential step.
There is a small risk from the x-ray dose (about a 1:2000 chance of death), and small risks due to the passage of the catheter and to an allergic reaction from the x-ray opaque dye. Overall the risk is very low (say, equivalent to crossing the road with some traffic around). :D
Your Dad will be relaxed with a valium tablet (usually) - that's a bit like a double scotch on an empty stomach. He will hardly feel a thing and be in a dream-like state. :dizzy: This is why it's best to talk about any possible stent placement before he gets on the operating table. I am not sure about the US but you might be able to scrub up and put on a gown and comfort him. (The cardiologist and team will be behind a xray screen.)

Hope this helps, Beefsteak.