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You want to stop thats the first thing... i know how you feel i used drugs in stupid amounts for 15 years i have stopped now .i took weed , coke , valium compusivly whilst taking ketamin,acid , pills/mdma on the weekend in ridicuolos quantitys . i felt so rubbish i lost my mind and was depressed all the time . valium is bad cos it made me not have any bad feelings about taking more and more drugs i started snorting valium and cocaine together - WRONG MOVE !!! in my line of work its pretty normal to be a cainer but i can now sit in a room full of people taking drugs and not partake , now that is a good feeling ;->

so i know how your feeling , i was so sick of it to !!!


heres some tips on how to stop . these worked for me and i am now getting professional help to stay off the drugs.

1 confess to family or a friend i know you think your family will be ashamed but they probably have there suspiscions already... if you really think they will not understand your ILLNESS start by finding a group or counciller... I bet it took some courage just to write this post , so you can do it! i went to my mum and dad and said i am taking drugs and don't know how to stop, there response was supprising and they helped me.
2 move away even if its just a holiday (three weeks minimum!) , choose somewhere its very hard to get the drugs.London is not the place to give up drugs!
3 exersise and eat good food
4 keep a diary write down how you feel now, all the bad things how you feel sick when you get up or how you lay in bed thinking bad things as you come down. There is no way you can take these drug and feel good all the time!
5 expect: depression , paranoia , insomnia , sickness and massive cravings
6 expect : these feelings to pass and to be replaced by : empowerment , positive vibes, feeling healthy , and the feeling drugs are not part of your life. this may take a while but it feels good. However this will not last forever as life inevitably takes its toll.
7 deal with the route causes , drugs are not a solution to whats happened in your past
8 find other interests , sport , films whatever

this is all i can think off the top of my head , feel free to contact me via a private message i will be your friend through this if you need one , in fact i would feel honoured ;->