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Thank you all for your words of encouragement, and good luck to the one getting his pulled as well. I had another appointment yesterday and had a filling and a temporary crown with core buildup from a previous root canal. The only bad thing is I have to wait till early May to get my permanent, they are having a specialist make it in Texas. The receptionist forgot to tell the dentist that I didn't need to have my wisdom tooth filled (woops) and he did it but told her not to charge me for it, since it was his fault. I still have sensitivity to hot and cold on the fillings he did last week, and I think I am going to go back after I get my new insurance to get a root canal done on both.

Anyways, I had 35-40 mg of valium (can't remember) within 4 hours before the operation, and 3.75 mg of hydrocodone to top it off. I think it calmed me down for once, and the gas put me over the edge. I had to take off my undershirt and wear my short sleeve during the drilling, I was sweating. I wear an undershirt because I work at a meat packing plant that slices meats for Subway, Wal-mart, and Costco. I run the line that slices the subway roast beef :-)

Anyways, it's V-day minus 2 days. Friday is the big day. I hope that the halcion (triazolam) really works for me that day. Yesterday I kept taking more valium every 45 minutes until I began to actually feel something, and the 3.75 mg of hydrocodone helped me, too. I came home from the procedure and collapsed on the living room floor, it was funny :-) It was the gas that really did it, though :-)

Anyways, I am taking .175 mg of halcion (triazolam) before bedtime, and .250 mg of it before the procedure. My mom is also offering me some phenigren to help me not feel naseus or throw up, etc. I am contemplating taking it to accomodate the way my body reacts.:(

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