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[QUOTE=charlottefr;3537375]I agree with boc...it seems like you're getting furthur away from finding the original cause of the pain.

I hope you don't mind if I split your post into sections so it's easier to read. Am I right that the first thing you had done was a filling replacement between these two teeth? Do you know what the reason was for having that done?

Then, two weeks after that, you started to have gum pain behind one of those teeth. Do you know what product was used in the filling?

If the second dentist thought it was 'gum inflammation' that was causing the problem, did he prescribe any anti-inflammatory medications for you? I'm not sure I understand how an oral rinse would help with gum inflammation. Did he explain the reason to you?

Have you got xrays that show the overfilling between the two teeth that occured during the first procedure? gosh, no wonder you're confused and discouraged! None of this seems to make sense and, if I'm understanding correctly, you're still in pain in the same original area!
Please help!
I had gum surgery 5 days ago and I am in severe pain still. Pain that makes me cry even on vicidin. I had grafting on tooth 19,and 20 lower left side and I feel like I got beat up. I called the doctor and he took the stitches out and said that my gums were healing and that I looked good. I can't deal with this pain. He gave me valium so that my muscles would be relaxed. I can't handle much more of this. I have had plastic surgery and did not deal with this kind of pain. How could that be? What do I do? Could something else be wrong when you add gum tissue to this area? Where he took the grafting...that is uncomfortable but nothing like this nagging, killing pain. Anyone know anything? Please help. Thanks