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OK, can my week not get any crappier????? I have stopped the hydros, actually ran out, but no wd's from them and had no desire to even take one until early this AM. Thank god I have valium and clonazepam!

I got a call from DHs Reserve CO informing me that he had been injured and was being medivaced (sp?) and the rest of the convo was pretty much a blur. I am staying by the phone to await any kind of word, but I assume that if it was something super terrible then I would have a knock at the door vs a phone call right? I'm trying to stay positive and think about how he was doing his job keeping other people safe, but it doesn't seem fair.

Anyhow, I've thrown up 3 times this AM and have major diarrhea (from stress) and trying to keep it together for the kids. I've called one of my girlfriends who used to be stationed with us because she went through something similar and was very understanding and sympathetic. I'm getting real tempted to call in a refill on the pills, but I"M NOT!

Ok, well, I need to go puke again. Please pray he is going to make it home.