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now THATS a bit insane. has anyone ever told you that you are "hyper reflexic"? that can come along for the ride sometimes depending. the only thing i can think of here about why you had that type of reaction is your PM may have possily missed that ganglion with the injection and hit something else instead. they do use flouroscopy with this type of injection,but it still can be missed at times or not hit just right. did they say ANYTHING at all to you as to why you had this reaction at all? i would make certain to obtain all the PMs notes for this particular procedure and see what it states about how things went. when you have had the stellates in the past,have you always gotten that "horners syndrome" in one of your eyes? you should,when they hit that right spot in the stellate. one pupil should get smaller than the other along with a slight drooping of the involved eyelid too. i have this permanently from my SNS damage so they couldn't use it as the 'normal" indicator with my stellate anyways. but it should happen to 'normal' people who don;t have the horners already. you just do deserve some answers to the reasons this even occured,its just not the norm type of response with that type of injection.do you kow for certain they JUST gave you MS or did they also give you a med called vistril? or even valium? this would make a difference in what this "episode' actually responded to and give a better indication of what was involved as far as muscles. what they actually gave you would also have to be written down somewhere too. just what exactly did that episode 'feel' like to you? uncontrollable spasms or more of a uncontrollable shivering feeling?

as far as the actual WC thing hon,sorry i don't have as much as experience the the empress of WC does up there,so i will let her handle that. you just need to find out what took place with that injection and why you responded like that. its just not normal. but for ANYONE to actually expect you to work any type of job in this condition is just totally not going to happen. i do hope you are feeling a bit better now. keep us posted hon. FB