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Wow - you called a babysitter for yourself? Well done. It's what I always want to do.

Once I had a panic attack in the classroom doing reading when my middle son was in prep - and when I went to the dr (just across the road, luckily) my BP was 160/80. That was seven years ago when I was 32. That absolutely terrified me because until then my BP had always been ok.

There is a common factor for me here though - with the panic attack back in 2001 and the panic attack on the weekend - both times, I had recently, in the preceding couple of days, been to an alternative medicine person, the first time a chiropractor, this time an allergy elimination specialist who did acupressure. I'm wondering if there's something in that. I've definitely decided to cut back on coffee. My mother had to bring me valium into work yesterday. It's so devastating. I thought I was over this. But no more ADs unless I can have a babysitter for the first week!!!

I guess I only have four 'safe' people in my life - my husband, my sister and my parents. I hate having panic attacks in front of anyone else because it scares my kids, and to anyone else who doesn't understand I just seem like a complete nutter.