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Have your doctor schedule an ENG test (rotational chair, caloric test, etc) and see if you don't have a slow beating type of nystagmus or oscillopsia. I had the nystagmus which started after head trauma and vertebral artery dissection, which resulted in a stroke, and nearly killed me. Most people die. I am blessed. My contition causes upset stomach, migraine, visual oscillation, and sometimes vertigo. This is aggrivated by occasional sinus and the changing of barometric pressure (rain, snow, etc. esp. w/it is going down) and I sometimes am so dizzy I just lay in bed. Luckily, I will have 2 or 3 good days where I feel great, then will come some bad ones. This repeats itself. I try to get adequate rest, 7-8 hours, and am fortunate to have been able to retire from my job at the age of 49. I take 5mg valium, 60 mg. Cymbalta (which is used for neuro pain as well as depression), and anywhere from 350-700 mg. hydrocodone daily. If I take the hydrocodone in the a.m., sometimes I can avoid a migraine later in the day. Visual changes can trigger those also. I see a neurologist 4 times a year, got a brain MRI as well as an MRA, and try to eliminate unnecessary stress.