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Hey Marcia, You better put bumpers of something around you with that puppy of yours. Geez what is it a rotweiler or something? You said you are having more pain now then pre pt, whats bothering you?
I had problems with the person filling in for me at work, so had to help out for coulple of days. No more I hope for abit.
Saw Mountain Readers post I am glad I am not the only one still having some issues. Went for the MRi so we will see. Arm is hurting, went to help a gentlemen (elderly), just forgot & used the dang arm, well dumb. Felt abit better up till then. Really could kick myself. This really takes along time to heal my friend.Osteo appointment today & boy I hope it helps. Whole darn area is aching.
You are really lucky to have such a good therapist. I would love to know how many people struggle after this surgery. I know there was a guy in pt still going for a couple months after his. I will not be using this arm at all for a couple or days. The whole shoulder/scapula area is so painful can't lift my arm this morning. Back to resting. Its going to take along time for this thing to heal I think. you have got to stay out of the dogs way, run or walk fast if you can't run when you see it coming (ha). Have you had any problems using that arm? If you think about it, it is not even four months post op. I heard at least for the decompression it could take up to 6 to get really feeling like its healed. I did not know abit of this before surgery, good thing to.
I know the sling can calm things down so what ever is going on movement of the arm/shoulder can really effect it. You would think mucsles tendons & such, but who knows. You know there is another poster with the SNS/RDS problems ( forgot exactly what its called) on the boards, she says its one painful condition, I really feel for you both. What exactly again caused it?

I will tell you for the MRI I took the valium, which I never take more then 1/2, it really made a difference, everythng seemed to relax. My sister in law was laughing, by the time we arrived I was abit more, shall we say relaxed. Big difference between that & flexerril. I think the flexerril makes me feel to out of it, I do not like to take it & can only take 1/2. I just don't want to ask for it, because the doctors have such issues. The rehab doc had me try it but as I said I never really took it much. I had abetter day that day & went longer between doses of perc. So I know it relaxed the muscles. The MRI itself was torture. Hurt to lay that flat for so long. The perc. makes the bladder alittle weaker so really had to go. Just made it out of the thing in time. Mornings I swear I go every 30 minutes.
The surgeon won't be in till monday, so I will have to wait for the test results. I felt the best that morning of the MRI. I swear every time I go for one I feel better. I always worry that its not acting up so nothing will show. I am sore after. I told my sister in law that is the strangest thing. May be because of the valium. Same thing when I went for the spine, it was the best day I had for over a month. Perhaps that is why the pt does not trust them.

I think I will loose it if nothing shows. I am sick of it all. All the throbbing in those ribs & muscle spasms, especially in the chest makes me feel like I am having a dang heartattack. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Talk to you soon. Sammy
now didn't i TELL ya that valium would help?? i ALWAYS do this before now and the pain med thing too. its just way too painful to lie still for me let alone have things just hurting during the process. hopefully something will show. just becasue some area is not 'actively' making you go insane from the pain that particular day,does NOT mean that it will not show itself on MRI. if the problem is actually there,it would most likely show itself. you GOTTA take it easy sammy,really. just listen to your body hon.

i feel right now like i have alot of inflammation within that actual joint capsule. it almost feels like crampy like? if i could move it right that it would 'pop' and things would feel better? but this is starting to actually radiate around to both the back and the front off the chest wall now. i see my PT guy on friday and boy am i looking forward to that. i HAVE TO have him do some cranio and try and release my diaphram in the top area(you actually do have a lower abdominal and upper one,didn;t know that til i started the cranio)? that right kidney is just pissing off everything there and the diaphram gets all tight on me and restricts my intake when i breathe. thats just from constant irritation cuz my right kidney now sits right under my ribcage in the FRONT now? not the back. its just huge sammy,but all my kidney labs as of feb were still within all normal ranges. thats huge believe me. if you could see my kidneys upon ultrasound,you would never believe that cystic mess could actually produce perfec labs. this is just the nature of PKD. very insane condition.

my particular RSD in my right knee was actually triggered by the spinal cord damage that also included(and they never mentioned that this could actually even happen tho i was told about the other crap that would defintiely be there)a damaged sympathetic nervous system right at the cord levl. among other things,i have damaged cortico and spinothalamic tracts,two leg nerves,one came back on the monitor during the surgery damaged and the other,not at all. a huge hit also occured to the ulnar andmedian nerves within my left lower arm and hand which caused theloss of 8 fine motor muscles. but i couldn;t use my left leg or hand when i ended up in the rehab hosp about two and a half weeks post op from the u of MN.

i just started having all kinds of really insane off the wall types of symptoms and the central pain syndrome which was caused like immediately when they hit a certain part of that thalamic tract was actually there waiting for me post op as soon as i woke up,it felt like someone had actually burned my skin over both shoulder blades and a portion of my mid left arm. that was my biggest pain issue then post op,out a coupe weeks.immediate post op i cannot even remeber half of since they had to sedate me just to be able to tolerate the pain. trust me,your spinal cord does NOT like being cut into at all.,besides the muscle hell caused by them actually cutting thru all thse large muscles back there to just get to my sord. it was a huge wadded up mess for soo long. but about nov 4th(my actual surgery was on sept 22 just weeks before this occured)i felt the very first ever pain in my right knee one day just watchin the vikings game. it hit out of nowhere and started to burn like heck. it got much worse over the next hour and i had no clue as to why. then,within days,the swelling started,i also had felt a lump behind my knee which turned out to be a bakers cyst that formed becasue i cannot feel part of that right side from the injury on down?i somehow tore the synovial sac and thus the bakers started. i have a condition called brown sequard syndrome(look it up,it will make much more sense then) where i just cannot feel the difference between hot or cold or even feel the pain of a needle being stuck like into the most sensitive areas like the stomach? tho i retain full sensation in that area,i just cannot feel those three things. its really crazy trying to actually explain this to people since i can feel very fine touch,just not those three things since they are governed by my damaged thalamic tract. insane really.

so over the course of time and me finally being referred to my wonderful current ortho surgeon,we did deduce that i am suffering from RSD in that right knee on down thru my foot. but it all started with the actual SNS damage. thats all it takes sammy. that has been what i have been concerned about for you since alot of your particular odder type symptoms do fit the syndrome. if you do not have actual RSD then i do still really feel that at least some of your symptoms DO have to be coming from some level of SNS affectation somehow. the only true way to really tell is with that stellate i told you about. its very straight forward actually. if they KNOW they actually hit that stellate during the injection(it IS guided with flouro and there are other ways to actually tell too) and you do not feel ANY sort of relief from your pain what so ever,then it is not likely that the SNS is actually being involved. BUT if you DO feel ANY relief of anything there,it would be considered to be some level of sns genrated type pain. like i said,pretty simple ya know? this is the one thing you really do need to obatin yet,you just need to know for certain. if it is,the sooner treatemnt is actually started the better the outcome and even a possbile remission of your pain and synptoms. so you do have to have this either ruled in or out at some point hon,you just have some of those particular symptoms.ever since you mentioned that sweating way back when i have just had this ongoing feeling that there IS indeed at least some level of affectation going on since the sns governs sweating. we will just have to see.

oh,by the by, my 'puppy' is actually great dane and english mastiff mix and huge as heck right now(i am going to buy a saddle soon). just got his shots and a weigh in yesterday and believe it or not,this 20WEEK old puppy went from 36lbs about six weeks ago to a whopping 73 right now. this is a flippin PUPPY! now you know why that back of shoulder hit or any of the hits my knee has gotten have been a bit over much. hes just one huge doofus ya know? great disposistion tho and loves other doggys. we just need to get out of teething and the "i have all the energy of a power plant" stage.

well i do hope something shows up that can explain what the underlying issues are with that shoulder/rib area hon. now we wait. that always sucks. obtain your own copy of those reaults hon. let me know anything you find out sammy. hang in there hon,and QUIT doing work or i will track you down and make my doggy sit on your legs. believe me, you wont move,lol. why should i have all the fun? marcia
hi MR, sounds like you have been thru the mill too,sorry you have to be here with us. just had one great suggestion for you,myofascial release? have you ever tried this at all? this is what i am getting right now,tho it is much lighter than pre op was. my PT guy does the myofascial and also another therpy called craniosacral? between the two therepys that he kind of does at the same time, i was actually feeling for the first time in many years,a huge relief of that overtightened area i have up there from my spinal cord surgery cutting into all those thick muslces and a deteriorating c spine too.
just a really really helpful therepy for people with myofascial issues casued by ongoing inflammation up there. it really has done wonders for me MR.

the one thing i found out is that progress doesn;t come without pain. i was actually off the extra narcotics and feeling pretty 'stable' til i had to start the hands on PT,then everything came back like gangbusters. but what i keep hearing is this IS all to be expected and 'normal". so what do ya do but wait it out ya know? my last PT visit i too worked with a machine for about five min(i sat on this thing and just grabbed ahold of handles and kind on peddled with my arms,using my good arm to propel my bad?),then everything tightened back up in my c spine and he went over my alloted PT time just to re release the area again before i left. my c spine is just sooo hypersensitive these days and it does not take much to trigger that muscle contraction in there all over again. this is just and has been an ongoing issue with me since 03. regenerating constant trigger points. this myofascial honestly really is the only therepy that has worked at all for me. too many trigger point injections have been done i lost count a long time ago,but to no real affects. i am slowly working up to the 'bands".

i am just wondering why just having your surgeon simply tighten up those lax ligaments isn;t something he considered for that particular problem? it would just seem logical ya know? i am sure there must be some reason? honestly hon,you are lucky you had this all adressed before things really started to tear apart in there. i had no clue,nor did sammy that our damage was as bad as it was til the MRI showed it all. i think your problems would be probably twice as bad if you had actually waited longer.

i am wondering just what the "freeze" spray wa that your chiro used on you? was it biofreeze per chance? i found that stuff thru my hubbys friend and it has been a really huge part of my ongoing PM. i use the roll on stuff tho so i can really rub it into the bad areas. very helpful stuff,along with using the lidocaine patches right on the bad spots or the base of the TP that just radiate out pain all flippin day. every little bit helps.

keep us posted on how you are doing. this really is soo helpful just to see others experiences with 'healing and recovery".

hey sammy my girl. it is normal to feel like crap after a 'good' session,i do all the time after PT. it just pisses everything off agin and starts that ball a rollin(i usually take one half a valium before and the other half immediately after.it does help). its that cascade effect ya know? as long as your PT is taking it easy during your sessions i do think what you are feeling would be considered normal. espescially if she was actually working in your more inflammed areas.

i really would start asking everyone about that possible serratus being a big part of your issues,it just sooo fits what you are dealing with so dead on ya know? if this is actually a muslce that is even the least bit inflammed for some reason,it would explain one heck of alot of your symptoms. i like the fact that you are actually journaling this whole thing. sometimes it really can bring up patterns or just reading thru it about a month after you right it,it can show you that you really have made progress from where you were at,ya know? but i really do think that muscle is somehow involved here too. i would keep on this and see where it goes.

you want to hear a really pathetic "yard" story? honestly sammy, i worked for many years in a locally owned family garden center that started out in like one tiny building,then just exploded over like acres of area over the years(it is one of the biggest family owned garden centers in the state right now). this place was somewhere i LOVED to work in since during the summer and spring i worked down in the store selling and cashiering out and doing manager stuff. then in feb i would go upstairs to the 'production' area and actually help with all the plantings transplantings and seedings of everything that we were going to be selling that summer(it was a huge huge production,believe me). i loved that job and had knowledge of every single plant we sold only becasue i knew where it came from or even planted it myself. i looked forward to feb every year becasue i could get away up there and just work with the plants and really do alot of the work involved with growing. living in MN,believe me,it WAS very much looked forward to. my yard was always perfect. i mean i won little city awards for my yard and the landscaping that i always did myself,just becasue i loved to do it all. and this was a huge way for me to relieve stress.

right now,the shrubs and evergreens we pulled out two years ago in my actual FRONT yard,have not yet even been replaced. this is all become some kind of actual 'chore" for me now just having to mantain all my gardens i have in the back yard. luckily i had planted almost all perenials so they at least come back up,but everything has to be cleaned and uncovered and some is still hiding under last years leaf dump. its just really sick now ya know? its just another thing that used to really give me that sense of satisfaction and just like i said,i really great way to just forget everything and dive in for a couple of hours. now i have to do everything in like 15 min increments and that joy it once gave me is gone. getting help is not the problem,its like my actual creativitiy is gone too or the 'want' is gone? like i said,its rather pathetic. i am determined with the help of my sons girlfreind to get some things just done FINALLY but man this sucks ya know? its like everything that used to give me any real joy or sense of fullfillment that was there before the spinal cord surgery has been just taken from me. this all has impacted my already bad depression and turned it into severe recurrent depression. its just gotten that bad at times. its just learning to deal and adapt to it all. it IS very much a devistation that occurs in your life just like anything else that occurs and changes everything 'normal' that was once your real life before things hit that fan.

but you will get thru this sammy and back on track. there is nothing holding you back right now but time and getting to the root of your main issues. and i do really think you are on the right tracks here with alot of things that need to be in place for you. just keep researching and asking those questions and you will get there. its just getting over those hurdles. look at it all as one big huge test of your endurance,strength and fortitude. believe me, getting thru my sons liver failure was something that really was soo unbelievable at times,but we got thru it all and past those hurdles and eventually everthing went amazingly well. it brang with it alot of realizations i never would have had had it not been for that big bunch or hurdles and it being such a humbling experience for our whole family. the thing is i just assumed everything would get better for me after that,only to be dealing with another totally off the wall unexpected bunch of crap. but having gotten thru everything we did with our son really prepared me for my ongoing bunch of medical nightmares. it helps to have already been thru things that are just completley out of your hands to have to deal with since my body is not in any way shape or form simply under MY control anymore. just have faith hon and this will be gotten thru and you will come out the other side with many realizations of yourself and a much healtheir person to boot. it just sucks to have to go thru all this. but hey,you always have me,lol.

well gotta fly here. just keep pushing things hon til you get the answers,no matter how you have to do it. you do deserve that much. Marcia
Gee Mountain, you had alot of what I had done. I'll tell you that shoulder/arm still hurts,of course as Marcia would say we are "freaks" so can't go so much by us, just don't let anything go, learn from us. I get the most relief with ice. I will say the Osteo. said no more heat. I am loosing ROM fast in that arm again. I hope I did not go through that dang surgery & not get my movement back. I will let you know if I think of anything or hear anything that may be helpful. I do at times have to put the sling back on if it acts up to calm it down. Let us know how it goes.

Marcia, you are my rock! I will not (at least for now) give up my gardening. I was the same as you, nicest yard on the block, but my husband & I worked together, although I did most of the actual work. My new yard is huge so it takes alot of time. My husband has warned me to leave it be, I really am abit oc, its drivng me crazy, it needs work & between my husbands work hrs. & the darn crummy weather we are not getting much done. By now everyting would be done, trimming, new mulch, weeding, pruning & on & on...
Heck we have a rider for the back & I tempted to try ti, but then my ribs tell me don't do it lady.
I don't know Marcia about this treatment, that shoulder really hurts. The osteo kind of put her weight on it to do something & it just hurts & so does the other areas, heck more muscle spasms then before. I am really worried here, I am quickly loosing any ROM I gained through surgery. I am tired of the pain & going to have to talk to the surgeon about pm, if the myofascial is what he believes I have & after all he told me then he should have no problem recommending it, but who knows. I am not going to stop living, you know, heck this is getting out of control here. Everything bothers that left side, think about it the ribs pretty much are involved with any type of movement.
I am definantly asking about that muscle, & more then one person to. Although I am not sure what can be done about it. Every doc. has been trying to find more or less the origin of the pain well I believe that is it. I am willing to try the osteo & rest but not forever & not at the risk of flaring that pain up sky high for several days. I like her & hope she has a plan b. If this continues I won't be able to even make it to her office. It is not near by & I am on my own starting next visit. I will try to take the MR before the next treatment, but running out of the valium & god knows I am afraid to ask for more, even though this script is from over 6 mnths ago. I just don't trust any doctors right now, & the osteo is more of a naturalistic & does not prescribe to many meds at all, you know just a bandaide thing, heck like we don't know that, can't get the dang pants down in the morning or the tp off the roll hardly till I take the dang meds. So trust me I know that.

Life sure does change with all of this. I know now when my little scottish motherinlaw use to say "if you don't have your health, you don't have much of anything". I still can't believe this is my life, especially having ADHD, it is abit of a cruel twist of fate. What do you think about this treatment & what is the best way to approach this surgeon about PM?
I have to at least give the osteo a good chance because this is what the surgeon wants, but she better have more options with treaments other wise I am paying her to put me in more pain & then I will defianantly be givng any pm I see alot of my money. It is all abit crazy! I have a house full of teenagers this weekend so I better get moving & make sure I have half the grocery store in my house. I could not say no, my daughter had an honors ceremony for school & is such a good student, not that I say no much anyway. I just hope none of these girls have PMS this weekend because I just started & that my friend is always the straw the breaks the camels back every dang month, yes I know dang is my favorite word today. Let me know what you think, Sammy
i DO think you need to give this osteo a good solid chance just to see what she can do for you. different things can be tried and it is a progressive type of therepy,ya know what i mean? she will probably start doing other things with you as things start to change. its all a 'process" just like PT. the one huge thing you still need to do here hon is to find out once and for all whether or not your SNS is actually playing a big or even smaller part in your pain process. i just have this feeling hon that this 'could' be an underlying issue in there. it would explain alot ya know?

the thing is,you have had that sweating since way pre op which would be idicative of at least some level of SNS involvement. and all the other little changes and having pain that is way out of proportion for your "situation' ,well,it just needs to be evaluated so you can either treat it appropriately or start in a new direction. just finding out what exactly is involved in your particular pain process would kid of dictate the overall treatment. the myofascial pain can also just be killer at times too. between the trigger points which i KNOW you just have to have given whats gone on there,and the fascia being inflammed(which tightens it up) is part of the pain process,you just have to find every contributor here in order to just know better where you stand and also just what overall,you are actually dealing with. some of those contributors just have not yet been ruled out either way.

i would get an appt with your surgeon and have a heart to heart about what is best for 'sammy'. that would include discussing ruling out the SNS involvement and a referral to the pain clinic who can do that stellate for you too. ask him what your options are here hon. he owes you the info ya know? he KNOWS how truely painful this has been and just is for you or believe me,he would have stopped Rxing for you long ago. surgeons do not normally go this far with the narcotics. its just the way they are,believe me. find out what your PM options are thru your ins so you have that info in hand when you see him. i would also ask him outright given your ongoing symptoms just what he feels about possible SNS involvement too. he HAS TO have formed some sort of impression about that by now,hes a surgeon and he KNOWS what RSD actually is. simply tell him that you have researched RSD or sympathetic damage and you do "fit' within that area and see what he says about it. its simply the more you actually KNOW going into this appt,the better questions you can ask(and understand what he is actually saying too) and the more on the same page you will be with the surgeon. believe me sammy,in this type of situation,the more you actually know about "your' situation and possible contributors the more empowered you will feel to ask those questions. i have been where you are way too many times to count. this just needs to be done,the 'talk'.

also obtaining all this surgeons records from your visits(before you see him) will give you a better idea where his head is at and the overall impression of your situation as he sees it,you know what i mean? it gives you that little bit of special insight into things to just know what he has been thinking about you and your recovery process all along. i have found some really important info just reading thus surgeons clinic notes during recovery processes that i wondered about and had confirmered either way just by reading what was in his head after a visit. its just kind of important for you to actually know whats in his head before you see him for this particular visit,thats all. his impressions would just be inthis stuff. its just another 'tool' to help you along sammy.

in most cases,with surgeons anyway,what you get as far as the "clinic visit notes" are actually,usually inthe form of a letter that gets sent to the referring primary or other referring doc that is just giving them an update on the patient they referred for surgery. just a bit different than what you would get from your primary if you got HIS notes,ya know? but ANY additional info you can obtain from your surgeon before you see him again would just give you alot more info and just knowing where his head is at is crucial for you. it helps alot or i wouldn;t be telling you to do this hon.
of course,during the course of this type of conversation,PM would come up too. you just really need to get this set in motion the sooner the better sammy. and that injection needs to just be done too. if nothing else,do that research on the symtoms and also tell him you know someone with SNS generated pain like RSD or the newer name CRPS,and that this person really thinks you do have at least some level of SNS involvement in your particular pain process and just see where he goes from there ya know? your symptomology both pre and post op just fit alot of the symptoms hon.

you just really do need to have an open honest discussion about pain management and possible contributors to your pain,and of course,what your options are here. i would also ask him if he could help you out with that valium since it has been helping all along.he knows how much value there is in just being able to calm down the area with valium from time to time. considering the myofascial involvement,he knows,trust me. just tell him you desperately need answers and a sense of direction and that you NEED someone to manage your pain. tell him all your true fears about being left to fend for yourself. he knows where you are at already with this hon,bringing it up would be pretty normal considering the situation and what this has caused for you in plain suffering. in other worrds sammy,you are not telling him anything he doesn't already know ya know? this pain process just HAS to be managed by someone who understands pain generators and that would be a good PM. this is just desperately needed right now for you to at least have some peace of mind and some sense of direction. hanging in limbo,espescially when scared to death about alot of things just simply sucks. been there done that one to death. your surgeon just owes you this info and a referral to someone who can best help you right now with pain. believe me sammy,he will be more than happy to be able to not have to rx anymore for you. most surgeons just HATE that stuff anyways. most,unless there is some sort of special circumstances just wont normally go over that six week mark. ya just need a chat with the surgeon hon. just be prepared and do research on things and obtain the right info BEFORE you see him. as before,write down all pertinent questions,then make sure to ask them. simply tell him that you have a list of questions that NEED some answers and then let er rip.

i see my ortho on this tuesday. i am not sure if he is going to actually release me yet or what since i am still working thru PT,but for me,that is going to be an ongoing thing anyways,so who knows. i am still having good and bad days and periods of time thruout the day that can be ugly. but some of them i am bringing on myself by simply overdoing things too. its just way too hard to sit and watch all my outside work go to hell in a handbasket so i do the little increments of stuff then go back inside for awhile and do nothing and try again. now i have the dang bunnies eating my very very favorite flowers? the asiatic lillies? little bas*&^%$!!! i DID have like fifteen different varieties before the little suckers started eating them from the bottom up. grrrrr. as soon as they pop thru the soil and grow about an inch or two,bam the suckers are all over them. they are just too wide spaced for me to actually fence them in. haven't quite figured out just how i am going to get them, but i will,bwaaaa haaaa haaa. they will pay!

okay,i have to stop now,i am getting a bit crazed. just have that talk sweetie. you just HAVE TO know things and who will be manageing your pain issues,at least til this hopefully resolves itself. just try and not 'do' too much,K? and i will try too. i have to go track some wild game now. Marcia
mornin hon, i do hope things go well today for you. as you probably have already seen,i answered your other post in PM. like i mentioned there sammy,i realistically cannot imagine that by simply asking for the type of med that would possibly really help with at least part of the myofascial pain(been documented and he knows this) would have triggered this type of response. valium has what has really helped alot with my ugly little process up here. it would't really be that big of a deal ya know?

i really am simply hoping that given how really messed up that phone conversation was the other day having to do with that fill,that this is all some kind of really screwed up misundertanding or miscommunication going on and nothing more. this just makes NO sense at all sammy,none. hopefully you will find out whats up when that call gets made. there are just sooo many reasons for him to not release you yet that is just seems insane that this could have happened the way it appears to be. your post op course just has NOT been normal by any stretch of the imagination,there is still his responsibility here in making certain that shoulder is getting the right help and follow up for the biggest reason. it IS a liability espescially the way this "release' seems to be here.it just is not the norm given what you have going on,not yet anyways. there is still too many things this surgeon needs to make sure of and that you have the right to follow up with him for. its just wayyy too soon for you hon. just when DID he last even run thru all your ROMS sammy? thats very important.

i was VERY relieved to know that you never thru out old meds sammy,wow thats a lifesaver. you just never know whats going to pop uo to have to deal with,i never throw anything away unless it is more than about a year old. by the way,any actual refills on a Rx that is more than a year old,most become invalid at one year so i wouldn';t even try to get a refill on something that is that old. i know like at the WG is use,it always says right on the bottle. good til and whatever the date is like a year from the original rx. after that the script kind of expires?

i just feel sooo incredibly awful for you,really sammy. i am hoping this is not what it appeared to be given the things that this ortho just has told you inthe past and the fact that he has simply accomodated your pain til now. why in gods name wouldn;t he just continue til you can get into PM? like i said this makes no sense at all to me either. it just dosen;t 'sound' to me anyways like the ortho you have been telling me about ya know? either "someone' had that talk with him about Rxing or there is a huge miscommunication going on here.i just cannot realistacally imagine things any other way that could possibly explain his huge turn around on you. i mean geez,i used up an entire paragraph telling you to trust this guy,thats how much i really thought he totally understood where you were at and how you were afraid of THIS happening to you ya know? god i feel like an idiot now. i AM still hoping that this was just not what it appears to be. you have too many things not yet 'done' that you need him for for him to let you go like this. until your shoulder simply gets to a certain point,releasing you just seems way too off the map here and too huge of a real liability for him too.

i am glad you posted on the PM board,you did get some great advice and just a sympathetic cyber hug from people who know what you are dealing with.

i will be checking back hopefully later today to see what takes place on the phone with that surgeon hon. i still am just shocked if this is what you said. it just doesn't make sense at all ya know? and DO ask that osteo about the overall philosiphys of the PMs and what they use as far as modalities to manage chronic pain. she just knows what your real needs are right now so asking her wouldn;t be unusual,espescially given what may have just taken place,ya know? you just really NEED that continuity of care right now,she knows that. and that surgeon owes you a big hurry up get her in to PM phone call too. most surgeons,when their patients still need the ortho oversight,will refer to PM for management but STILL continue to see their patient to a certain point,you have not yet reached the 'safe' point to even be considered 'released" and for him to not be following your progress. something just is not right here hon. i do hope you get some good solid info today. please keep me updated when you can. i will be awaiting the next post sammy,i sooo hope things are okay there. i am thinking of you,marcia