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Hi, Kelley. I've never taken Xanax but I'd think the doctor would know the right dose. I'm a Valium girl on MRI days! :) I will give you some other tips though, this coming from someone who freaked out the first time she tried to get an MRI and bailed! But quite a few down now and I'm fine.

The singularly BEST tip I got was to close your eyes before they roll you in and keep them closed. Do NOT open them until it's over. I made the mistake of opening them when I was rolled in (that first time that I bailed, which was without my best friend valium!). The other great tip I got was from my PCP, who told me to ask for prism glasses. They're called different things in different places but essentially, most places have a mirror that they can strap onto the head gear -- so if you DO cheat and open your eyes, all you see is the opening at either end of the tube. I definitely recommend both of these.

You also have to find what works best for you. Some people like to have music -- I do not. I like to know what's going on and I can't stand the feeling of the earphones -- they make me feel more constricted. I play this little game and ask how many images they're going to be taking and I try to count the different sound sequences. Truth is, of course I'm always off -- I always come out sooner than I expect but the psychological feeling of my own personal "countdown" helps me to know that I'm one step closer to being finished. ;) I have the earplugs they provide but of course, I can still hear what's going on and now, the sounds don't even bother me...I use the experience and the sounds to kind of meditate.

Music or not, re: the drugs, I will tell you that you really need to try to "give in" to them. Once you do, breathe deeply, keep those eyes closed and you'll be fine! Good luck -- YOU CAN DO IT!! :D