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My boyfriend had an injury 4 years ago. As a result has DDD, spondolsis and multiple disc problems. 3years ago he had a cervical fusion-3 levels. It was going pretty well after surgery until after PT. During PT he got a pinched on C7. This is inoperatable due to hardware in the area. His pain is constant. The docs say he will never be able to work again. So, he has pinched nerve pain and pain all throughout his spine. Been through all the meds and PM docs with no relief. My questions is when i massage his back i can feel these knot like areas in the muscles of his back. He states those areas are very painful. What can help relieve them. He takes Percocet, Lyrica, Valium.

And to make matters worse this is a workman's comp case. I've heard about a laser spine surgery place in Florida that may help but WC won't pay for it.

Thanks for your time
Sherry, the valium should be helping with the spasms because it is a muscle relaxant. Since we all respond to different meds, maybe they could try another medication like flexeril or soma. Good luck and I pray he finds some relief soon.
Hi Sherry, and welcome to the board. I suffer from many of the same problems that your boyfriend has, although I have had no surgery as of yet. My muscles spasms are nearly constant, and can be felt very easily in certain spots of my back, especially as the day progresses, or I have put any sort of strain on my back. I also take Valium and Soma for the spasms, but I have found that Soma works much better for me. Tried Flexeril for a while and it gave me terrible dry mouth, and not much relief, but as Pepper stated, everyone is different, and responds to medications differently. I have also found relief from a good rubdown with Biofreeze, but nothing seems to give me relief like my good old heating pad. Too bad I couldn't carry that to work with me LOL! We will keep your boyfriend in our prayers, and yourself also. I know that chronic pain affects the whole family.
Take Care,