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My doc app is not until 3:45 today,and does it ever seem like a long way off.Oh I know all about the benzos I almost OD on those and alcohol when I was just starting out on narcotics very scary experience indeed.I have read the "home detox" and already have some of those products around the house,which really comes in handy.Now if I had a muscle relaxant handy like valium,do you think it would be reasonable for me to take it just to sleep,'cause i get real bad at night its like i can't stay still,bad jitters or whatever it is,they are only 5mgs and they really do work,but also not prescribed.good or bad idea?I don't really fear addiction with those because they make you to much in a stupor all time you can't function.I hope the doc can cut me to tylenol 3's instead of me taking the morp anymore,until I go to detox anyway.It's 11:00 here now and I really don't want to take anything and stay clean until the doc but I fear it may not happen,it was an early morning.Its funny though this site is the first place that i headed when I got up and not for a pill to cram up my nose,its been a long time since I wanted something this bad,thanks again for the encouragement!!
Eldogg, just peeking in on you, hope you're making out ok.
Please keep us posted on what the doctor has to say and what his recommendations are. I cant give you advice on the valium, as I have never really used them myself. Maybe someone else here can help you with that one.
I also come here sometimes when I get up, or peek in at 2 am, or whenever I feel the urge. I find it helps me tremendously to read here. You mentioned the snortin' pills thing, gOd alone knows how many Oxycontins and whatever else I put could find to put up my nose.
Thursday I will have 6 weeks clean from my drug of choice, which was any opiates I could find, however I screwed up and did a couple lines of coke for some ungodly reason (duh,I'm an addict) 3 1/2 weeks ago, so I will not actually have my 30 days clean until Sunday. This, however is a miracle for me, as i was in the same boat as you for years and years and this is the longest that I have been clean in many years. I have no urge to use now and I feel so great, in body and in mind. I have money in my pocket and I feel very good about myself.

You can do this, I know you can. If I can, well, then you can.

let me know how you made out today.

"what a long strange trip its been."