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ladybuggy02-I just wanted to let you know the 1st time I was going to have this same procedure, I was so nervous and had asked for something to calm my nerves. They called in a px. for some valium and when I got to the phamacy, there was a mix up and they said they had not gotten the call from the Dr. and when they called my Dr. they got a voice mail. As it turned out, I waited as long as I could, without making myself late for the appt., and had to go witout any type of seditive. I was even that much more anxious, by the time I got to the appt. As it turned out, they did not use IV's for this procedure, but I could not believe when they were done...I did not know that they had finished. What I felt was a small sting when they numbed me up and then I honestly just felt his hands and some pressure, so I really thought he was still prepping me. It was over in 5 minutes. (15-20 mins. total to get on the table, get numbed up, have the injection and have the Dr. say he was done.) After that, the Dr. and nurse both asked me if it hurt and if I was ok and I was almost embarassed that I made such a big deal about needing a valium to do such a procedure.

From that point on, I did not ask for the valium, for this particular procedure. So, even though I know you wont be able to completly relax until it is over and done with, try to keep this in the back of your mind, because It was nothing like what I had built it up to be, in my mind.

Good luck and I will be praying for you tomorrow. Let us know how things go for you.