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Hey all, what do i need to do in this case? As some of you know i fell this past winter like four times, they say is it third times a charm, well with me the fourth was the charm of topping my life full of more discomfort. I have had a stiff neck for months and headaches and left back rib pain. Okay the headaches i think are from my thyroid meds being too high for so long and a dr. not catching this, but the Rheumatologist says my neck is spasming, okay what else med wise is available for this? I have in the past tried valium no relif, and then i have had flexeral but can't take do to it knocks my butt out, so whats left to see about with Dr. this week as i go see my new one and input to get relief? I have tried a heating pad with both no relief itheir except temporary, and i cannot deal with all this discomfort. My old MD when i went in for my last appt. to get a renewal on PT wouldn't even let me talk and get it for my neck or upper back as well, so when i go next week to the new i have a long appt. already set so i am going to make a short list and see what can get done. I haven't mentioned this with my PT as my old dr. before she left way back said give it a few months and that time is up as far as the rib area and neck. My neck cracks about daily all day when i turn and my back /rib area always feels like theres something pushing on this. Thanks for taking the time for me! I don't know what i would do without all the good people on here!
Love, Monkey