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I have never heard or seen where vertigo is a symptom of Optic Neuritis. It's certainly possible that they can appear concurrently but I'm not sure that saying it is a symptom is accurate. :confused:

Re: vertigo in general, I had it years and YEARS before my MS dx. I'm sure it's one of the things in my "history" that confirmed my dx for the specialist. Obviously, at the time I had it MS wasn't on my radar and I thought it was some sort of ENT related problem -- no one could really determine what was happening. I was prescribed Antivert but it didn't help and I unfortunately would just have to ride out the episodes. They hit quickly and hard and I'm pretty sure it was always right before my "time of the month" (a fact that I find pretty interesting in retrospect). I had a few episodes (I think over a period of a year or two) and then they disappeared as suddenly as they came on -- haven't had an attack for probably about 19 years.

I hope your sister finds medication that can help. Since I've been dxed with MS and have read about vertigo related to the disease, I've seen mixed reviews. Some people have reported relief from medication and others have not. I don't know all the drugs that are prescribed by name but if one of them doesn't help, for some reason I'm thinking that Valium might be something to look into -- ask the doc!

I also hope your sister's vertigo disappears as suddenly as mine did!
Antivert is the only thing I was prescribed and it did absolutely nothing for me. I don't know why I remember (or think I do) that Valium actually did help a little but I really could only just lie down to prevent the room from spinning.

jlenzmeier, I'm not even sure I can describe it -- it's been so long (thankfully)!!! It hit me like WHAM (and I do mean WHAM!!) and I guess it's more like the room spins and in dizziness it's more like the person spins. Someone who's had it more recently will be probably be able to explain it better. It is an absolutely horrible feeling and I remember that nausea set in immediately.

Re: Lyme, I don't even know if I'd wait to at least ask questions after hearing the story about the dog and descriptions of your sister's activities. There are very knowledgable people on the Lyme board here, especially Ticker. The sx of MS and Lyme are VERY similar and even lesions from Lyme can be mistaken for MS lesions. In the time I've been dxed I have seen people with MS misdxed with Lyme AND vice versa! Good luck to your sister (and you) and please keep us posted!