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Marcia, I am kind of shocked at how the surgeon released me to, but he did tell me on the phone there was nothing more he felt he could do. I am worried about both shoulders. The other shoulder is acting up. if I raise it in my sleep it will wake me up with the pins & needles pain, to much. Cant lift either shoulder in the morning. Should have seen me this morning, could not bring my arms up to the counter. I went to lift the coffee pot & almost dropped it, it felt to heavy to lift with either arm. Cant bring them out from the side, if I keep them tucked in they dont hurt as much, of course then your limiting the shoulder movement. Everything is super tight in that area, cant even bend my neck to make my chin touch my chest, it just hurts. Perhaps that is how the myofacsial works, all new to me.
I am upset that he discharged me this way & did not check either shoulder. I dont know. Maybe he is upset that I did not continue to try the Osteo. But it was making it worse. Or maybe he was feeling pressured about PM. I think I am going to be writng him a short proffessional letter when I am into PM.

I am mad a that office for not giving the records to my husbund, I have every right ot them. So know I have to call & request they have them ready & make another trip in. My husbund said they said it would be easier to fax them to the PM themselves, to bad.
I am nervous, you know getting into to PM this fast sounds to good to be true, my appointment is monday. It is not the PM I wanted but if I do not like this guy I will switch as soon as the other one starts taking my insurance, which they assure me he is trying. He has a great reputation for being really compassionate. He is also the one that treats the Myo & RSD, figures.
I am worried this PM will take me off my meds. I dont want anything stronger but maybe to try some other things, like the trigger point injections, & I really feel I need a good MR. I will see what he says, but you know I am to the point I feel I have to lay it on the table & see what happens. I don't trust doctors at all & I am tired of feeling like they think they are doing you a favor when you are paying them. I think I am going to put a call into my husbnds neice today she is a nurse at one of the hospitals & see if she knows of a good PM, I just want another name just in case. you know?
The surgeon could have still checked those shoulders out & sent me to PM. I am pretty upset over him not telling me what to do about that shoulder. It bothers me that he may not believe my pain level, I cant see any other reason for this, but he give me another script. you are right about that, he should have at least evalutated me. Not to mention I am abit upset with him for not telling me about the spot showing on the liver in the MRI, dang doctors they dont feel you hve the right to know about your own body.
Thats ok now that he released me I dont have to put up with his office & they have a big surprise coming if they dont get those records ready.

I am nervous of course of the PM appointment, all his receptionist kept saying was he is really strict. Lets hope that does not mean is one of those doctors who thinks he is god. I have no problem with him being strict, but I don't want to be forced of pushed around. At this point I need at the very least some understanding from a doctor. Like this is new to me & I want to become eduacted about what I have you know. I cant handle anymore doctors who treat me like I don't know my own body. I hope he does look to see if there are any other problems such as RSD, & I will pop on that board.

I cant figure out why I feel like I am getting worse when I am taking it pretty easy. I am worried about the lose of use in both arms. Man if this doctor was to take me off my meds I would be in big trouble, it is not just the pain, I just cant breathe. I am hoping I can even get an explanation as to why that happens. Pepper pointed me to a couple other people who have that problem with Myofascial. That is why I really wanted into the other PM, he specifically lists Myo. on his website along with RSD. If I could afford it I would go to him, but I just can't afford the out of pocket expenses, they have assured me he will be taking my insurance again, but they can't say when.
Can I swicth to him in the future if I am seeing another PM? I mean I know PM's are differnent & I don't know if that would cause me any problems.
I have alot to learn about PM's & pain mangement & also myofascial. I really feel like a fish out of water & I am the type of person who likes to be informed. That my friend can be a problem with some doctors. They like to take their 10minutes with you & thats it. Well thats not good enough for me anymore. I want a choice when it comes to my care, you know. This is my future I am talking about & I swear this is getting worse & it worries me.
I feel like I went through that surgery for nothing. That surgeon could have at least told me what to do you know, like seek PM then get back to therapy & he could have at least looked at the other shoulder. Now of course I don't trust him & cant believe he would leave me in this mess. A little guidance would have been nice. He just gave me the diagnosis & dropped me. I do agree he should have seen me one more time check the ROM & explained PM abit to me. I am disappointed in him because I trusted him. I realize he could not go on prescribing my med. & realize he can't deal with the myofascial but there was a more professional & sympathtic way of handling this. I told that office I was having big problems with both shoulders. So I do feel he was neglegent. Some of those office workers should loose their jobs. When I am paying for a service I expect respect at the very least. I swear doctors & office staff seem to forget they are getting paid. I have no clue why he broke down & gave me another script, but he gave me enough for a couple weeks, if I dont increase them.
God Marcia you don't think this PM would take my meds away do you? I have heard of some doing that. I think he will see that I am not there just for narcotics, I am telling him I really have a healthy respect for narcotics & am fearful of even taking anything stronger. I don't know how else to make him understand. I have some left at home like acouple oxys, but I am fearful he will make me get rid of it all & that I am not doing after being left high & dry by the surgeon. I have a couple of valium & that type of thing, so its pretty easy to see I don't abuse that stuff. I do feel I need something on that line still at times when the breathing issues kick in, I just don't know how to approach him about it. You would think he would see I respect the meds because they are from awhile ago, but you never know. I need something. I am ruining my teeth because of grinding & clenching with pain. Even my pcps office said that between my stomach & teeth they felt I needed something to help relax me especially at night, like a fool I declined at the time. The rehab doc. is the one who felt I definantly needed something like that because he just said I could not relax, you know having a hard time accepting the pain & my limitations, he also felt it would serve as a MR.

With this new PM who knows. I can tell you I will not be treated like some throw away anymore, I dont care if I have to go through a few PMs till I find one that has respect & compassion. Perhaps I should have made additional appointments to interview. I am stuck I need one who is going to at least give me my meds before this script runs out. How does that work, how many appointments do they take to get to know you enough before they treat the dang pain? I am stressed I will tell you. I am definantly worried about this getting worse, it is so strange, I can feel it, almost like it is spreading. Its not like I do nothing at all nor do I do to much, I cant, so why are both arms so bad? Weird. I am praying this PM is a good match. Mean while I will keep looking because I need a back up just in case. I hope I am doing the right thing. I will go on the RSD board today. Sammy
Went into my pcp, had to see an associate as usual. Since I heard she was not the sweetest cookie in the jar I was already expecting an attitatude once she seen the CP on my chart. She was fine. Now the assitant did a double take when I told her I tried to hold off because I was starting PM next week.
Got a nice steroid injection, a lecture for going off my singulair & a new inhaler to try that wont give me the tacky cardia, which I can not take. I will have that if the pain is left alone & the breathing starts, Cant handle that. That has sent me into ER a few times. Oh & the steroid pack. So I have not slept & I swear went to the darn bathroom 6 times. Finally gave up & got out of bed. I have to say been on the pack & had the injection before & at times it does zilch & others I get abit of relief but it does not last.
I have some relief thank god, still have abit of problems with my breathing. She did say that between all the inflammation the weather & my stupid monthly due it is probably really playing havoc. I am grinding & clenching my teeth so bad they are killing me. I had to break down & take half or valium & I let her know that. Now of course I will have to let the PM know. I refuse to suffer with the breathing. Look that bottle is dated from last fall or winter, as is the xanax so no way can they think I have problem with them. The rehab put me on both. I would take the bottles in to the PM but afraid he would keep them & that I am not willing to risk. It is hell when you cant breathe. She also said a women retains more fluid them we realize. I hate taking steroids. She also said not to take to much motrin & only half, I am dumb she offered me a script & I should have taken it.
She asked if I wanted a MR, mentioned a certain one, I told her all that I have tried & said I would prefer to wait to see what the PM suggests. I hope I did the right thing.

Girl I am having strange things here. My right hand was so swollen yesturday morning & my left foot was tingling away & numb along with the hip acting up. Osteo spotted a problem with the hip first visit. Every month before my cylce it acts up. Man I must be really retaining a ton of fluid. What is causing that swelling do you think? & the left foot. Strange right hand & left foot. Gosh I am loosing it. My husband noticed that hand. He said wow does it hurt, duh! my fingers were aching like mad. I am getting more & more confused. I did ask this doctor if she knew anyone that did the Myofascial release, she did not. they must be hard to find in this area or something. Will ask the PM.

What is up with your med change are you waiting for your next appointment?
boy that makes me mad. Good ideal to wait to the dogs are gone. You do not have alot of luck & that big one is going to out weigh you at some point I am sure.
I want to get away for a few days so bad. We want to take alittle trip to Virginia, yep virginia. Funny my brother in law ask us to go for years, he has property there & grew up there & we could never go, for me I was always worried about this crap. I am trying to find a nice area, you know sight seeing some history & still entertaining enough for my 15 yr old, thank god she is a brainy kid who would be happy to just explore.
It is a drivable distance for us & can take a few days. I will be so upset if we cant make it. Either that or my husbund has one free plane ticket to florida, we would have to purchase a couple more. If we go there we will have to spend our time bopping between family members & I just dont know if I can do that. I would have to go & spend sometime with my sister in laws family that passed away & I am scared I will loose it. I was not able to attend her funeral & that bothers me, I miss her so much I just feel I would loose it to go in her home that she told me so much about, she was only there for alittle over a year before she passed. Oh god I am crying already just thinking about it. Her daughter keeps asking us to come, she is lonely & has cancer to. I am such a baby.

We need to get away, even if just for a few days. My husbund is almost due for his PSA from cancer & I have been worried sick. It was not as low as it should have been after radiation & he already had a total removal done. See, we just need to get away. Then more big lay offs in his work, GM. I am so tired of this state. We are in a depression big time & here I am not even able to work. I am so praying just to get back a couple days. Even 10 to 15 hrs aweek, anything. I have been really behaving & only popped in to check things out here & there, I am supervising via phone & turst me at times it as ringing off the wall, calmed down abit.
Let me know when you get that block done. How is the shoulder?
I cant get that office to call me back for my records. The rehab is in that area, I will be peeved if I have to make two trips out there. I dont get these people. This will be my third request after this I am not messing around, makes me wonder what the hold up is.
There will be charge for those to. They have a sign up informing the patients the the records belong to them not the patient & there will be a charge for them.
My pcps office awhile ago had me come in with in an hour to sign & get what I needed not charge, no hassle. I am really sick of this surgeons office. I will tell you he better not have accused me of anything. The guy never even changed my dose or instructions on the bottle, I took the least I could & trust me there were times I sure wanted to take that double dose which I could of. Some of that staff sucks. I am telling you I would bet money one of the staff messed my last message up. So another call monday.
How the heck do I get them to hand over the records? My appointment is tuesday & I really wanted those. The surgeon has Myofascial damage left shoulder in the script for PM. I am just going on & on here. I am concerned that you did not get anywhere with your PM. I am trying to put my appointment out of my mind for at least most of the weekend, but those records have me concerned. I am curious what he will say about all this weird stuff. I will continue to research & the RSD board is informative but so many symtoms, can be abit confusing. If there is something else going on I just hope he finds it. Let me know what the think about all this swelling on opposite sides.
As for you nephew family comes in handy at times huh! Sleeping any better? Sammy
Mountain, good for you. so nice to hear some good news. One long recovery huh! That was good advice. Kind of like no pain no gain? I have no doubt you will be bowling as predicted. Do me a favor when you do think of me, I sure would like to give it a try. Although even when I could I was used only as the handicapp bowler (ha, ironic) I could really used bumpers on some nights. It could be embarrassing. Although honest at times I could walk in there & roll a pretty good game, even bowled a 200 once, still cant believe it till this day. I was in such a bad mood that night. I thought my husband was going to faint.
come on a 100 to a 200, I could never & still cant figure out what I am doing right or wrong. I am so happy for you. Let us know how it goes.

Marcia, had the swelling before the steroids, the foot was not to bad, I honestly believe my cycle has something to do with some of that lower body stuff. The hand was abit bizzare. The hand issues are really abit scary.
The injection I cant really make out the name, it looks like Cadron or decadron, in the hip. I am surprised it did anything for the most part the injections usually do nothing, but along with the pack I am getting just abit more relief, especially in the mornings. Better then nothing. I had to try the inhaler yesturday, cant take the breathing issues, but she said it is probably a combo of my monthly, weather, & existing inflammation.
The PM forms are asking when the pain started at what degree & how it progressed, sounds simple enough but it does not stay at one level so I will just jot note down. You know for example it wants to know if it is constant , intermittent or occasional , well its constant but the level & how constant it is changes due to what I am doing & how well the meds are working & of course every day is different. I am just such a dang mess its hard to give a direct answer. It can be confusing. you should see the list of meds I have tried. I did not even realize I had tried so many.
I have to tell you I am nervous, there is so much going on at times I have a hard time believing it myself. I just feel like its hard to trust a doctor & have them believe me. I am so relieved that some of this is visable or can be felt by someone else, like my ribs throbbing & the swelling in the hand. Otherwise I would be so darn afraid to say anything. Went through so many doctors trying to make me think it was in my head, you know? I would just loose it if I had another doctor look at me like that. It comes & goes so it just having someone around when it happens, & thank god that has been the case.
I have put this appointment out of my mind till it comes for that reason. I cant tell you how devasted I would feel if I had to face another doctor like that. I just dont have the words to explain it. To many memories or times I thought I would never get help & having them treat me like I was just bored or nuts. It has ruined my life & for awhile I did stay in bed because it was so bad & not one doctor could help. I never even asked for pain meds, just to find out why this was happening & what it was. I could never go through that again. All the meds they tried putting me on, anti depressants, could not eat, get out of bed, heck even talk at times. I honestly went through a period I just wanted to give up, actually thought about it but I knew the meds were most of the reason I was thinking like that. Just the worst nightmare of my life, & I cant help but be afraid of starting with a new doctor.
I do not have one single day with out pain, & rarely any time through the day, there is always something there. I guess I still am struggling to believe it myself. Perhaps that is why I am abit fearful of what any doctor will think, do you understand at all? I have had no major accidents or anything like that so it is harder to get why this all occured. It just started from what I believed to be something minor & grew. Everytime I tried to explain from the beginning to any doctor how the pain would come & go & the breathing was majorly effected they just got more confused & brushed it off. So I stopped mentioning it. But I know now that I was so inflammed & so full of spasms in that chest wall, that is the only thing that makes sense. After any major activity it would start till the day came that the pain & breathing went hand & hand, pain came one day &never went away, just got worse & I was loosing all ROM in that left shoulder & arm. Any movement would increase the pain & start the spasms, at that time I did not realize or know what a muscle spasm even was, heck right in the left chest wall, that would scare anyone. especially when the heart rate would kick into high. Sure confused enough doctors. The first time they honestly though I was having a heart attack or a blood clot, my family even asked could it have been anxiety & they said no. Then of course when they could not find anything they started thinking well maybe it was just me. Come on. Heart cath & all, thats how convinced they were that is was cardiac. Then I failed a couple breaithing tests & dxed wiht asthma but still was not a typical of asthma. Put on meds & steroids for almost a year. Talk about a mess. I had doctors disagreeing like crazy over the asthma thing, I know it is all one issue. I am point blank postive.
Let me tell you I will never let any doctor make me feel like that again.
Then to find out I will be like this because of it being misdiagnosed for so long, hard to swallow. Do I trust doctors no way! I did need the surgery for the shoulder I know that, I still have better movement although it hurts, so I wont say the surgery was not needed, I just never thought it would still be in this much pain.
Talk about a mess. At least you have explanations & proof I had nothing but a mess. Knew something was desperatly wrong but not what it was. I am telling you if you could have been a fly on the wall with that rehab. doc. That man was so confused, yet he knew my pain was real & bad. I am curious to see his reports. The man would no even move my arm. I would start to gag from the pain, I kid you not. I wonder what was going through his mind at times. Girl you have no clue how fearful I am of new doctors. I do alot of praying & have to try to have faith that this doctor will understand. I oftern wonder is there anyone out there with a story like mine, god I hope so.
I am calling for those records tommorrow I am really not in the mood for this crap. What is the big deal, you know. I am complaining when I call, three days & no call back. They should have given them to my husbund the first time. They said they would. I wonder if they just could not be bothered or what. No matter, I want them & I am going to get them.
Now you kind of get the jest of things( I hope) & why you have been so good for me. I'll bet your thinking man she is a freak (ha). I will just try to stay calm the best I can. I told the pcp I had to take a half of valium & I will tell the pm the same, either he gets it or he dont, but I have no doctor to treat this for now so all I could do is let the pcp know & it was the same combo of meds I was on in the past. What do you think? Think the PM will understand the need to have to take that bit of valium? I sure hope so. Cant wait to see what you have to say now (ha). Sammy
Marcia, this is just to darn strange since my dog was sick yesturday, coming out the opposte end & in the basement thank god. I could not handle your horse right know (ha).
There is disagreements over whether I have asthma, but they still will keep me on singualair & an inhaler. I have inhalation problems, asthma is exhalation, failed some tests passed others, I know more confusion. It all started with this dang problem, that is why I believe, I know it is all linked. I have no doudt that something is causing the airways to act up, but I swear its all the inflammation, always worse around my monthly. Put up a post on the PM board about some of my records, so let me just say I was more then just abit mad & it just added more worry, but you know what I cant do a thing about it for now. you will know what I am talking about when you read it. Sure gave me a headache. Dont have the surgeons final report or discharge report. which I am not sure why they did not hand me something about the discharge god only knows whats in that. All I can say is thank god I have saved all my old meds in case I have to prove myself. No one with a problem is going to have all the crap I have left over.
I just want help, relief, a life you know? My appointment is tommorrow, it was on a monday with the other doctor, but changed to tues. with this PM. No one has called to confirm my appointment, even that has me worried, but you cant get through to that place so I will just trust they dont do reminder calls, probably dont have to for PM (ha).
These reports really protect the doctors butts in some ways. I wish I would have had them before, I know the surgeons office did not give me them all. They thought I had an appointment today, I stopped in out of the blue because of no call back. I asked them why would I have an appointment if he discharged me? That kind of threw them abit. Lets just hope this PM really is good & listens to what I am saying & not all of what he reads.
I dont envy you looking for another NS, heck it is one tough job finding a good doctor. You must have got real lucky the first time. Every time I had a good one they moved or something to.
I do have the diagrams & that is a great suggestion you made of marking where it started & how severe & so on. I swear I am not thinking.
I told my husband about my concerns with some of the rehabs notes, he just said he does not know why I am so worried I showed my meds to my pcp the one time they had to help me out before surgery & they said if anything I was undermedicating. I just dont trust doctors. I know I am not alone there. If they left me in this pain I could not live in it & that is reason alone to be abit worried. Girl we are just a mess! I am so putting my faith in this PM. I am worreid about him trying certain meds but I am more then willing to try other methods of pain control & I am taking this valium until I see hime, I would like to breath abit easier & with less pain, it must be relaxing the muscles for me.

I asked on the PM board but will ask you, should I take any reports or test results?
I am thinking it may help just speed things up abit. They did not ask for anything in advance just the forms to be filled out. Then I have all the extra meds left of things I never took, I am to afraid to take it in, he may keep it & then I would be up a creek if I had an emergency. Although if any concerns are raised over the oxycodone I will take that in.
As predicted the steroids lasted a couple days & not even finished with the pack & back in major pain. I did so well yesturday. I dont get it. I just think it was that boost of having the injection along with starting on the high dose.
I am kind of hoping for menapause early at this rate you know?
I just cant wait to get tommorrow over with, I know all the injections will start over & maybe some tests. Alot og my test results show abit of a problem here & there. C-spine was mentioned in a couple but none real conclusive. We will see. you have really helped pull me through so much of this & I dont know what I would do with out you, thank you so much for always taking time for me, you are one of the best friends I have & it has nothing to do the fact we have never met, trust me. I hope I can return the favor, I so hope you get any relief you are looking for. You are such a remarkable, giving person & you deserve the best. Bless you, Sammy
Marcia, I of course posted about my visit on the PM board so wont exhaust you by repeating. Although he did in passing mention RSD, had to laugh on the way home when I told my husband how you have been touching on that for along time. Once again he mentioned it in passing you know. Pretty much starting from scratch with diangnostic testing. I did take my meds & test resuts, as he had noting forwarded at the time.
ONce again I believe you may be on to his way of thinking, he listened to my symptoms & got bits of info. from the reports & took it from there. For example, c-6,7 has showed abit of this & that on the MRI, on the EMG some minor interferance showed involving the T-1. So he says he want to take a look at that area with doing the cervical transforaminal epidural injections. He did say there can be some muscle damage, the ribs threw him off abit because pretty much the whole left one is involved. I did let him know that it did not start out that way but evolved into where it is, that only up to under the breast was orginally an issue. Sure enough the areas of the spine pretty much can cause alot of my symptoms. He had my husband run my MRI films up to him after the visit on the spine.
Same meds but will allow me 4 perc. aday, valium for now. I showed him the bottles so he could see the dates since the valium was from nov. Glad I brought them in. Now I have to figure the best way to take the two without being so dang tired, any suggestions?
Next. some of my records were not with the ones I picked up, one visit I really wanted to reveiw because those trigger points actually worked & he really noted some things, of course that is not there. Also no discharge notes from surgeon. I dont get it, I paid for the rehab notes so I am alittle peeved that all the info is not there. Do you know if they have to submitt it all to me if I call & request again? you know all you hear is how doctors feel so threatened & so on, but you sure cant get anywhere with them, frustrating.
For the most part the Pm just pushed on parts of the shoulder & lifted my shirt to look at the ribs. Of course the shoulder hurt, very tender. He said it was clear that I was already in some pain. Went over his concerns about meds & so on. Brushed off the myofacsial pretty much but said there could be some damage & explained why everyone focused on cardiac & how they go down the line on what they are looking for.

My husband who did well for the most part, I wish would have shut up abit more & let me ask a few questions, so much for him saying he was not saying a word (ha), I swear the PM talked to him more then me. He did ask if he came of all the visits. Thus far he seems like a really good PM & my husband liked him alot & was just agreeing like crazy with him, I swear you would have thought it was his visit. The two of them were kind of swapping opinions, & my husband made it clear that I am definantly in pain & have always worked my butt off for my size, he actually said he was surprised I could do as much as I did. Heck I did not even know my husband thought that way. We will see & know some of what he asked both my husband & I were kind of like tests, you know.
He will be sending for my records & knows my Rehab. so we will see if he has any reactions to the mess up with med instruction between me & the rehab. I know my pcp office was abit put off with that. I am just letting it go to see what happens.
I signed so many rules I am asking for a copy because some are so simple to over look, even my husband was abit in awe. First procedure is July 9, so we will see. At that time they will refill my meds. No issues there he just told me what he wanted me to take & wrote the scripts. He sounded like he did not intend to go by what was assumed from the MRI. If he remains like he is now then I will be content & know I got pretty lucky. One busy PM let me tell you, but everyone from the staff to his patients seemed content. So hopefully all goes well. I dont want to have to start over again with anyone. Lots of appointments already & I best get organized because girl I am a bit scatterbrain let me tell you. I am sure the RSD will be brought back up depending on how these injections go. I hope all is well with you, how is the pain level?
We will just keep hanging in there together, god knows to darn lonely otherwise. By the way my husband finds this "freak" thing pretty funnny. God bless, talk to you soon, Sammy
when you're a freak you're a freak,what else can ya say there ya know? tell your hubby i am very proud of him for helping and advocating for you. you NEED that,and it really did help with the PM getting a much clearer overview of 'you' and how this has really affcted BOTH your lives.that PM was just taking it all in,trust me. it helped not hindered ya know? if you are actually having ANY trouble in getting any records,just speak with your PM. that WILL get you somewhere,believe me. tell him or someone in his office about the problems you are having getting them for your own records. you DO have a right to them hon,you just do. like i mentioned before,you could call the state health dept and see what they tell you to do here.
you could make a request again and plainly state in big letters i need ALL my records that are in my file,everything,period! one other option is to go back to your calender(i keep my year before calenders only becasue sometimes i need something from my doc that was on a specific date and i can go back to when that appt date was? amazingly have had to do this quite a few times for something or other)and just figure out what specific date that appt was(if possible) and speak with that rehabs office and tell them you want that particular date,ir just tell them that you got an 'incomplete' set of records and you NEED everything.

one thing that kind of changed a bit once alot of docs offices started using those copying companies to come in and do this instead of someone at your docs office whos job it was to just do this part of things,is those companies appear to be somehwat selective in what they actually give you? i don;t have a clue as to why either. when i called up to the U of MN to obtain ALL my records one day since i was still trying to get that monitoring docs report that documented my actual nevre loss which i needed to prove to disability actually occured? i was told by the guy that did the copying that when disability made the request,for some stupid reason,they were actually given ten pages LESS than i got with my request. figure THAT one out? why didn;t 'they' get everything i got? strange. but that stupid freaking report i so desperately NEEDED to prove something was not actually even IN my central file. i had to spend a ton of time and phone crap just to track that one important document down. geez what a nightmare that was,but i finally found good old doc skinner at some neuroscience institute in minneapolis. god i needed that one thing sooo freaking bad(the lady i spoke to in his office was AUSSOME.she helped me tons). it just totally proved what i was telling disability caused my disability. becasue i had been told BEFORE that spinal cord surgery that i was going to definitely lose some fine motor in my hands and nerve loss to my legs,the NS actually checked the box at the very top of the op notes that my surgery went 'normally',and NOTHING about them losing the nerves to my legs and one coming back damaged was even mentioned there(they were not actually 'finished' removing that cav when they stopped that surgery,it was that loss of nerve that stopped that surgery dead in its tracks,but still no mention of it). just totally freaked me out ya know? but that info was ALL in the monitoring docs op notes,they just were not where they were supposed to be at all,like in my flippin central file? hellooo?

ya know,you could actually tell whoever you are getting records from that you want to try and file for disability and simply need all those documents. just a thought. you may get alot more of your own info. just even filing at all,you just HAVE TO see for yourself what actually IS IN your own medical records. i was just stunned when i got all my records after i was denied the first go round with diosability. so many actual Dx were missing from my NSs notes and that one documentation of the nerve loss was not in the op notes. i just 'assumed' it was,nope. so getting your own copies would be needed before you would actually file just to double check? so doing things from THAT angel just could get alot more info,thats all. its kind of up to you. but i would call the health dept first and see what they can tell you about getting ALL your own records from every doc who has seen you or laid hands on you. you just need your own medical files espescially when you have an ongoing,constantly chaging type of condition going on like i do. it just helps,alot sammy. also,the fact that you actually PAID for these incomplete records makes it even more of a responsibility on their part to just assure they were complete in every way. it ups your right to a complete record set ya know what i mean? this was a transaction not just them copying and sending them to you type of thing? they "owe" you this with what you paid for,and all you want IS what you actually paid for,ALL of those records. that part,the state may want to actually know about too. its just sooo wrong ya know?

the thing here sammy is that your PM really sounds like he is intelligent and experienced enough to already have formed his own impressions without even having to see the records too,ya know? he IS doing all that he should be with you right now too. that says alot about how he is thinking about your situation,he is doing exactly what i told you a good PM would just 'do" considering your symptomology. i do feel he wants to kind of 'solve' you and your symptoms and track those back to the csource tho an that is great for you hon,really. you NEED a diagnosis of everything that is contributing to this ongoing process,and that is what he is going to do for you. i really do think he is a good one sammy,just based upon what he did at that first visit.

reguarding that valium? you could do what i do with mine? i cut them in half then take them thruout the day? it does help to just have that going all the time vs trying to knock down the spasms themselves when they hit type thing? its kind of the same theory as keeping that narcotic blood plasma level to keep that pain reined in? that valium when i had to take a whole pill(mine are only 5mgs)ALWAYS makes me sleepy but for some reason,doing the halves thing,really takes that sleepiness away. you could simply try it that way and see how it goes? if it doesn;t work then we try a different point of attack type thing. just a good suggestion that has been working for me and i have the very same sleepy problem with valium. but valium is by far the best thing i have found for my level of spasticity and the crappy stuff up in the neck and upper back and now shoulder crap too? does it ever end????

speaking of the neck? it is kind of interesting that your c spine issue is at the T 1 level,which would also probably effect that c 8 nerve and that nerve junction area too? this IS the level of my spinal cord damage and where MY sns was damaged at during my surgery too. the c 8 nerve area is just a little junction area of some cranials that loop back up into the head again and where that sympathetic chain pops out and then starts running down both sides of your spinal column too. could be a connection there sammy. since you already had that sweating PRE op,there could have been some level of affectation at that very spot that was already affecting it to some degree,and that surgery just really sent it all over the top. 'something" was already affecting your SNS pre op hon,just to even HAVE that sweating going on,you know what i mean? what exactly does it state in your MRI report in that summary at the end about the issue at the t 1 level? how it is actually worded and "placed"(like left lateral or anterior? you know what i mean? this can just be a bit more revealing about what it could be affecting there) this particular spot between the c 7 and t 1 is just a more innervated area and can cause certain nerve issues that any other area would not have. believe me,i live with that crap every single day all from that one spot being affected. this is why my face is even involved at all too. if you could just let me know what that MRI says i would be able to tell ya possibly more about what it appears to possibly be affecting. i DO know this area,wayyy too much,lol. just so you know,that c 8 nerve that runs there is also your ULNAR nerve. that just could explain some symptoms in the arm and hand/fingers?? this just IS very interesting. like i mentioned before to you,you just have many different contributors there.

all in all hon,i really do think you got a great PM who will help you to fit all your little puzzle pieces together for you. you are a challenge to this doc who appears to be seeing alot of 'more normal" type patients? you are probably far more interesting to him and something to be worked on to find answers. many docs like challenges. and you are definitely that. he sounds like he is at least up for that task anyways. i am happy for you sammy and very relieved at how things went. i do personally think that things did go much better than they possibly 'could' have,ya know? but getting that word of mouth referral really was a godsend for you at the time you desperately needed it,so i think it was kind of 'ment to be'? but thats just me.

i have my sympathetic block scheduled for i think next wednesday? its either this one or the week after that, i was kind of bummed i couldn;t get it done sooner. this knee is just and has been sooo over the top come 4:00 or so,espescially if i have driven at all that day? all that pressing down with my right foot really can take its toll,and it doesn;t have to be much either. hopefully this block will calm that burning down. my PT on tues FINALLY gave that left side some work. wow,what a freaking difference in the tightness on that upper back where it goes into the neck area.right where that dang sling strap just sat and pushed and pulled my c spine? this visit was a bit different since that side and one area under my right blade all have huge TPs? normally it is all very light touch and my body just 'does the work' type thing,but this was very in depth with him really getting into the TPs themselves. felt like i had a good workover after that,but man did it feel good to just get that area touched finally. this was only possible when my ortho changed the actual treatment Rx from working on 'just" that right shoulder and blade area for rehab to"eval and treat". LOVE my ortho. he gave me ten visits on that so i am good for a bit anyways.

ya know,you CAN ask your PM about a referral for myofascial too. they do do referrals for all kinds of different treatments and therepies thru PM that you just don;t get offered thru any other type of doc. this is one of the big benefits for me in just trying to keep my narcotics down to the bearest minimum. but right now,i do need some changes in them done. i am going to speak with my actual PM about this and see what HE thinks. he is just sooo much more caring and understands my whole screwed up body soo much better than my NP does. she just does not have his level of expertise. cripes,i cannot even find an actual NS that has the level of expertise i just need with everything i have going on in here. i really really miss what i had with the NS who actually did my spinal cord surgery. he was defintiey one of a kind that man. just an all around great human being. whenever you can actually find one of those types of docs,do not ever give them up sammy. honestly,that man helped me soo much.

well,keep me posted on all things. i AM very happy for you finding this PM. hopefully you can get some real answers here soon. marcia
Marica, the PM said that there is a nerve that runs throught that entire area, shoulder, chest etc. He is really wondering if that nerve is an issue. I could kick myself because he said the name of that nerve ( I think) & I cant remember it. I would not doubt there are issues in the c-spine contributing. When he went over some of the symptoms it did sound like it could be alot of the problem. I do think there is some damage & at this point I think he does to. Of course he will know more after that first injection.
The symptoms are so sparactic, that always has me confused. I will try to find that name of the nerve. I do know that anytime pt messed with my neck I would get a raging headache. Nothing would budge that headache. I do believe that alone is telling.
I am nervous, starting all over again you know. It would be worth it to know exactly whats going on.
I am going to try to get all the records, the one visit was christmas eve so cant forget that date. Its not in the report. I think I will send aletter & make it clear that not all was included & I paid the fee, I expect them all. If I do not get a response I will contact who ever I have to. I also want all surgeons notes on discharge & so forth. I do know its our right. Funny I think I told you the surgeons office had a sign up telling the patients that all records belong to the office. They must have had problems, you sign a paper stating you acknowledge that. I also know that by law they must give me a copy, & that if I choose to do so I can go in & reveiw everything in that chart. Of course I dont want to do that. To me it is added stress & I dont want that.
I have marked down the date of your block. I did go out & buy a journal strictly for the boards (ha). I kept loosing my papers with notes on them. I am starting on the half valium today. Same dose as you. I have to do something. This shoulder is really hurting & I want to get rid of these spasms. I think once my cycle ends I will not get as tired from them.
Some days I find driving to be one of the most difficult things. I have got to try to work at least a few hours. Our economy is so bad & my poor husband it struggling here. I will just have to be careful. Some times there is not a choice. I cant risk falling behind to much on the bills, medical alone is to much.
Next wed is your block, what are you expecting or hoping to achieve from it?
How about you meds have you got a change at all? That had me peeved your last visit, you wait to get in & cant even address the issues that you need to.
Will the summer make your pain worse do you think, like when the humidity kicks in?
I am feeling it. Big time. Is your shoulder still giving you pain? How is your ROM?
Let me know. Sammy
Marcia, you are a mess. I do not want that RSD. No way.Scary stuff. That is one complicated disease. Must have scared the heck out of you when these things started to occur. Or like me, made you think you were loosing your mind. There are so many sympoms to RSD it can really get confusing. What was your original problem or injury? Spinal?
I have some of the same pain in that post op shoulder that you do. Damnest thing, different every day. I a getting more & more issue with the right arm/shoulder. I swear my right wrist started hurting out of the blue & sure enough it started taking on some swelling. Crazy. Then my leg & hip had that tingling sensation like mad last night. I swear it is all crazy. I am wondering if there is something going on in that lower back at times. I would not doubt it with all the crap I have done over the years.
Yet I think this PM might be on to something. To many things going on that could point to an issue in that area.
As are as the MRI goes, it did not show enough to deem the problem was in the c or t spine.
The C area showed posterior disc potrusion with C5-6, hypertrophic changes & minimum disc bulge in C6-7, DDD & spondylosis in cervical.
In the thoracic just mild osteopenia, other wise unremarkable.
Bone scan showed once again arthritis in Cspine, and shoulder.
Once again same showed in the MRI of the brachial plexus.
disk degeration with broad-based disk/osteophyte at c5-6 & c6-7 with ventral flattening of the thecal sac. The abuts teh ventral spinal cord but no definite compression on this exam.
Now with EMG there was mild irratation in the upper thoracic area.
Who knows, when you read these reports they can contradict, for example arthrititis is mention over & over then you read on one report there is no definite area of arthritic changes. The surgeon did say there was arthritis present in the shoulder when he did the shoulder, its in one of the films from the surgery. I have been told more then once that the MRIs are great but not fully reliable. My PT said she believes that because the tests are done why you are in one postion & that they are not as reliable as doctors make them out to be. She said they have no way of knowing what is happening in those areas as the body is in movement. I have to agree. I can tell you my neck area is really sensitive. I can't tolerate anyone messing with that area or it sets off a chain reaction & I almost always end up with a violent headache that no meds can touch. I am adament when ever I go for PT that they leave that area alone. They attempted just abit of therapy with it the last time I was in PT & sure enough had big time headaches. So perhaps this PM doctor is on to something. My husbund seems to think so, infact he has always believed there is something going on with the nerves. So I am really hoping something comes from the Transforminal epidural injections.
Have you had this done? It sounds like its common to use for diagnotic measures.
I have no clue what to expect. So I will have to put up a thread.
Marcia, honestly I feel so bad for you. Man you just have so much going on. Do you ever just have no pain at all? When this all began you must have really freaked out.
How long did it take them to figure out what was going on with you?
It does sound extremely complicated you know.
Even taking a small (1/3) of the valium along with my pain med. makes me so dang tired or sluggish. I am hoping I will just adjust to it, you know.
My husband thinks I am crazy, I will not take any pain meds at night (thus far).
I just dont want all of that in my body 24hrs. I feel if I can sleep half way decent I am not taking it. I will tell you the one thing I know for sure is if I raise those arms on my sleep I have problems, Either arm. It sets off everything. This post op shoulder just aches. I know exactly what you mean when you say it hurts like bone deep. That is so aggravating.
I am telling you the more time that passes the more confused I get. I just done get why I am getting the tingling in the legs now. With my luck I have more then one thing going on & it will take them another 5 years to figure it out. I have so abused & negalected my body through years of work, I just know I have screwed it up big time. I am to dang fearful of telling the PM about the leg issues. Takes me back to the doctors looking at me like was either bored or nuts. Trust me I was never bored, never had time to be bored back then. If I was not such a lady I could let every bit of profanity known to man in every language over how those doctors treated me when this started. I have been working hard to get over that anger & let it go. Yet it has created such a fear in me to be up front with any doctor, ya know? you must have had a heck of a time. I have to say when you describe how it is for you I just think man, she has has no choice but to be one strong lady. We have to learn to live with what we have. That can be tough. Makes me feel like I have 10 personalities at times, since I already started out with several it should not be so tough for me (ha).
I asked my husband if he recalled the PM mentioning a particulair nerve & he said no, he is not so sure he did. Just explained how there is a nerve running through that entire area. I am getting some pain under the arm area & periodaclly in the bicept, tricept. It is so dang sparatic. I will say since the surgery I have alot of scapula soreness, which I never had before the surgery. Its all alittle crazy. I know that shoulder was tender to touch for a couple days. Of course I walked into one of those automatic doors at the store. Darn door opened & kind of stopped & in the middle of opening & hyper me just kept going & walked right in to it. My husband said I was just a glutton for punishment & pain. I am working hard to just learn to live with this & not let it effect my mood so much. I swear there are days I just cant think right at all, you know. Some one mentioned on the spinal board that they have problems in that area of the C-spine & it definantly effects thier thinking, throws them off abit. Hey at least I would have an excuse for being such an scatterbrain or airhead (ha). Ever heard of it effecting someone like that?
I changed the date from wed to thurs. for your procedure. I hope everthing goes as you want it to. Man, you deserve a break. Let me know what you think about the MRIs. Talk to you soon, Sam
Girl I just feel so darn bad for you, you really get put through hell. Dont it just get to you at times? Like enough already. That postion does not sound comfortable at all (for the kidney) that makes my back hurt just thinking about it.
The product is called Cyroderm, perhaps you have heard of it? comes in form like the Biofreeze, gel, packs, spray & I am not sure what else. Looking at the ingrediants has a larger content of menthol then the biofreeze. My neighbor brought a bottle over along with a couple samples of the gel & some samples of Biofreeze. Bless her. The Cyroderm seems to soothe thus far just put it on. I am a mess as usual & exhausted no help at work until July 10, which my injections are July 9, I have no clue as to what exactly they consist of other then he is hoping to relieve some of the pain & symptoms & see if this gives him a clue as to the cervical & T1 are involved. I hope so, I am sick of this.
I am beginning to think there may be a good chance seems to be the index & thumb & ring finger that can act up, never know which one & it is on the right hand lately not the surgical side. Although both hands can hurt like heck in the morning. I am getting more pain down that left arm & man is that scapula area sensitive.
I have some problems I am hoping you can give me a clue as to what is happening. I for the most part have always suffered hypotension, pretty much can run in the 90s/60s, well I have not been feeling right, tired abit off, light headed at times, & was having that like the heart thumping in my ears, thought it was allegies, so anyway I thought maybe my BP is dropping, but to my amazement its high, anywhere from the 130s/80, to 140/80s, which is really off for me. When I dont feel great it runs at a normal range, so the doctors always just say its fine. This is to strange, I have no clue as to why it has jumped up there, I do know I dont feel well. I have had every freaking cardiac test done. Can cervical or spinal issues cause the rise in BP? I really am not on any new meds, valium, tiny dose, now I have raised it abit. Figured heck if my BPs up might as well up it abit. The perco. has never raised it up like that in the past. I know I am really tired & trying to keep up at work. This has me abit concerned dont like dealing with BP issues & that is wierd. I do not want to go to my PCP, I am tired of them just blowing me off.
The pain has been up but still I have been in more then this & never had it go up this much. What do you think? Having alot more strange symptoms like with the hands & some slight headaches & even my neck is abit sore.
I think I am bit more concerned because I am not use to that & I have just been feeling really off, I cant stand that tired or dizzy feeling & cant seem to shake it at times. It really getting to me. I am going to keep track & go on the valium abit more. My pusle is almost always in the high 80s or 90's.
If I knew what it was from I guess it would not worry me so much, but that is a big jump in a short time. So what do you think? I am really just fed up, as I can imagine you are to. I dont need this, I already have chest pain & even if something was going on I would have a hell of a time knowing.
I know if I turn my head quickly I will get that dizzy or spaced out feeling, I think that can be the neck. I am loosing it here. Cant with to see if these injections do anything. Keeping track of the symptoms so hopefully this will help the PM out abit.
Cant believe you had another appointment & did not get to discuss your meds, you better do it right from the get go next appointment. I know I am, I cant go 6hrs on one perc. not working at all. But you have missed your chance twice now. Did you get any relief from the injection?
We really are a mess. I am getting in a really bad mood lately.
Know of anything I can do to lower my BP on my own? I cant stand the thought of going to the doctors, if its still running high I will let the PM know when I see him. Let me know what you think & if you ever tried the Cyroderm. Sammy
Marcia, you are not going to believe it my pain journal & all my notes I take from that brain of yours have disappeared. Waiting for my daughter to get up, I know she must have picked it up to use it. She is going to be so grounded if it does not reappear, she is grounded from my desk.
I told you already you do not have a dog, you have at the very least a pony.
I love my dog to, but there are days where its an effort to let them in & out.

Girl I am just in agony today, called work, no way could I go in.
Put in one of my posts on the PM board, up most of night & my wonderful husbund gave me a nice jab with his elblow in my upper back, boy did I jump up. I think he is scared of me today, has not called me. My daughter is leaving for up north & I am using her room agian for abit. Forget that crap.
You scare me with all you got going on. It just abit to bizzare. I cant believe doctors, & to think how much trust people put in them, you know. What if you had not found the doctor who discovered all of this for years you know? Scary! I dont trust doctors. It takes alot for me to be able to trust you know.
This PM came highly recommended so I will keep my fingers crossed. I have been told I have the spine that anasthes. dream of so that should make it easy for him, lol.
I am going to try to put alot of things together for my follow up one the 29th. Just the ESIs tommorrow & refills for my meds, cant forget those. I will have my sister in law remind me, she is good at that stuff. I want my husband to stay at work, the actual appointments are more important if I need him.
Definantly somethings going on in there, maybe this doctor is right, maybe its coming from that spine. To much pain in both sides now. After I got dressed today could only lift my arms up to my waist. My upper back is in a vice, probably due to the elbow it received. I am nervous about the ESIs but after today hey hopefully I get some relief.
I am taking the rest of the week off & just taking it easy. Its my time. I have been to busy & not taking time for me & I know without a single doubt its through the grace of god I have been able to do it. I am not even sure how else I am making it through each day. Funny when you have no choice how you do things. I need this time to just relax & ice & everything else. I keep notes on all you post to try to perhaps put something together. I cant believe how these fingers have been hurting. I am so hoping that this PM is on to something. I had such dang chest pain last nigh, I cant stand that. I can manage to deal with the rest, the chest pain & those headaches I dont do well with.
I will have to apoligize to my husband, called him an idiot, not real nice of me, think I said some other things to, hopefully he does not remember them, lol. I can see why people start sleeping in their own beds when cp is acting up. Thank god for valium, I know if I did not have it I would not have been able to get to sleep.
You have been such a huge help to me, thank god for that brain of yours, at least that part of you works great,lol.
I have been using the Cryoderm & it does seem to just soothe somewhat, which is better then nothing. I try the biofreeze in between. I just keep trying things repeatalby just to see if it gives me any relief. You never know. Wish me luck, Sammy
ps when is your next appointment to find out about raising you meds?
Marcia, I have been busy. To busy & cant wait till it calms down.
Can a problem in the t area cause issues down the left or hip do you know?

I hate to say this but you truely are a mess. Is all of this caused from the RSD? I dont want anything to do with that! That is one confusing disorder & I can see where it would be confused with other things or misdiagnosed.

Is that all your on is the oxy?
I am just afraid of changes & to left in pain. The chest pain is the worst for me, partly because it can get scary. Alot of the pain is smack in the sternum, you know center of the chest. Man does it hurt. I am tired of it. It can go down that left arm, around the bicept. I swear I would never know if I was having a freaking heart attack.
I am busting my butt to get extra help, but so many diseases between my the two of by clients I am trying to find someone skilled in all of them, & that can be tough. My husband said its just to much & I am really cranky so I am hoping to bring one more person in this week, that will be five total. We are doing 24 hrs shifts, 7 days aweek. I am exhausted & really need a break.
Believe me when I tell you they have noone else to do all of this. So sad.
I have reached my limit & am sorry already that I went this far.
The slight relief I had from the ESIs was nice & I wish it would have lasted.

I plan on taking notes when I ask him where he actaully injected. I am back to this overwhelming tired dizzy crap. Although I know I am exhausted I honestly believe it may be linked to the c spine.
I am using the cyroderm & it does help alittle. Everything helps alittle, I wish I could find something that helps alot, lol.
Let me tell you if this doctor does a Rhizotomy or anything else that gets rid of this pain I am going on vacation. I so am in need of one. Just to relax, you know?
My pain is increasing daily, particurally in the chest, so I am assuming, in all but the hands the ESIs are kind of worn off. The hands/fingers are getting sore but so far can still move them in the mornings.
As for the depression, alot of it has to do with just feeling overwhelmed & family issues. I am the kind of person that gets out of bed no matter what.
I talk to myself & try to count my blessings, which I know I have plenty.
I cant take any form of antidepressants & wont even attempt it. If any doctor suggested it I would probably run the other way.

I need to get the dentist to, I wonder if I pay the PM will he do my tooth why he has me knocked out for the next set of ESIs, lol.
I am truely wondering what a normal life would be like. I am as far away from that as I can get. I will have to up the valium abit & see if that willl help the dang chest pain.
I do feel for you, I dont know how I would deal with all of that. I would be a nervous wreck. Good thing your educated in some medical.
Me, well I am mostly knowledgable in the aging process, fat lot of good it does me now. Although at times I do feel like I have dementia or Alzheimers, lol. I should not say that with my luck I would be the first in my family to get it & that is about the only thing my family does not have.
How the shoulders doing? Did you gain full ROM back in the surgical side?
Take care my friend, Let me know when your next appointment is with your PM. Sammy
well,i actually have my next PM/injection today,this afternoon so hopefully we can deal with that stupid kidney while i am lying again on my stomach so i can actually be able to speak with my PM about my meds. last time i was just dying from the pain of having to be totally flat on my stomach and just wanting it over to even begin to try and remeber to ask him about my meds. i am just kind of scared to have this one done after going thru absolute hell with that first one. it just got wayyy out of control and the pain was also VERY different than my normal deeper burning crap. the whole entire leg from right under my ass on down thru the bottom of my foot just got all burny and stingy and hypersensitive too(it felt exactly like my central pain crap). six days it took before things actually calmed down enough that i didn;t want to start gnawing my leg off,wow. believe me, my PM will hear about it. i do think it did help in lowering the more intense inner burning overall tho,at least some and thats something compared to what i was feeling right before it was done.

sorry your ESI wore off so quickly.they are very highly individual as far as level of relief and how long it will actually stay when you actually can get any relief with them. i always get a higher intensity pain post ESI(at least two days or so) before any real relief actually kicked in. the idea behind them tho is to actually have that series of at least three seperate injections over time. then see how things really are after that. if it actually helped with your hand/arm pain then 'something' HAS to be there that is triggering/inflamming/irritating the nerves or it wouldn;t have anything to actually calm down,you know what i mean? i still think that a full contrasted MRI would really benefit you in really seeing what could be there that is at least contributing to part of the overall pain and other symptoms. it just needs to be done ya know? like i said,test and rule out.

as far as that rhizotomy goes,make damn sure he actually knows for 100% certain that what he burns is actually a huge culprit here before doing it. burning nerves can be a good and bad thing as the nerves can grow their own type of "scar tissue"? they are called neuromas and can cause even more pain than the original issue was. this has been something my PM brought up as a possible option for my c2-3 that seems to be firing off those base of my skull headaches along with some other nasty pain up there. if the c 2-3 wasn't so flippin high up and actually partially into the skull itself,i don't think i would be as scared of doing it as i would be further down. i have had enough'brain' issues and really don;t want scar tissue growing at the base of my skull and pushing up into my pons. we tried facet injections after my last MRI revealed extra fluid in like every level of each facet,much more than just the normal synovial fliud thats always there. he just mentioned if the facets didn;t help there was always the RFA,but sine he already knew that my particular ins co doesn;t pay for that procedure for some stupid reason,he told me he gets around that by using phenol injections to burn the nerves instead. i guess it gives the very same results. the rhiz is pretty much the same thing but it is just done differently. i do think tho that the rhiz has a much higher risk for some reason for developing scar tissue tho. since it is an actual "cut"?just do some research on rhizotomys before even considering one,K?

i just wish he would get to your stelate inj sammy. honestly,i really do think this one inj will reveal alot about just what is the main generator in all this mess you have going on. it will just better define what is and is not SNS triggered. i am pretty certain that your particular reaction to the stellate wont be like my sns block on my RSD knee. i just have alot of major spinal damage wierdness on that right side which i KNOW also contributed to the burn sting crap itself. most deep pain on the brown sequard effected right side is just interpretted as some level of burning. very insane.

why can't you actually take any anti Ds if you are indeed even suffering from a clinical depression? do you have some sort of reaction to them? just wondering since they can really help alot in some cases. my lexapro keeps me from going to this really "black" type place in my head? very odd. i just feel like very black when my meds need adjusting,and once we get that done,that feeling of black along with this overwhelming feeling of impending doom i get with it,will usually subside for me. luckily things don;t get black and icky too often. any depression just needs to be evaluated and any meds needed or even just finding a really good therepist who understands chronic pain can do wonders for us in our types of situations. just something to consider if things should get worse before they get better for ya. sometimes it just comes along for the ride with all we have to deal with and give up and take on becasue of our ongoing situations.

it sure would be nice to finally pin down just where in gods name that horrid chest pain has been generating from. it has just been such a very strong pre and post op symptom. something perhaps even within the spinal area itself could be responsible. you just really never know what could be casueing what til you test and rule out some stuff. but that MRI could show something. with that other MRI you had done on that area,i really would doubt that they focused too heavily if at all on that actual column and cord area. they did more inner chest pics there didn't they? then there is also that fascia crap too. i KNOW how much that alone can also effect things. you,unfortuently like me, just have a long list of possible contributors to that area that also has alot of extra innervation there too. i would actually ask your PM at your next visit about doing that stellate soon and also referring for the full spinal MRI,with contrast of course. personally i think your actual ortho should have referred you for that stellate way back when before you were so nicely 'released'? given the symptoms you were showing even back(and even BEFORE the dang surgery) then it would have been very logical to at least rule the SNS in or out as that possible trigger for alot of what you had then as symptoms too ya know? hopefullyif you ask about it your PM will do it much more quickly? or simply ask him outright what he feels about the SNS as a contributor and how can we find out?? the thing is,the sooner this actually get Dxed,the sooner he can start aggressively treating it,which mostly is with the stellates. in some cases the RSD can remit itself to a certain degree but only if treatment starts asap after Dx.

i am on the OC and the IR, robaxin,valium,lexapro, baby ASA,fioricet for the occasional base of skull head crap and midrin for my migranes. i have also tried many different other meds in the anti S class and cymbalta,all with horrific side effects so i wont EVEN go there at all anymore. i just refuse to keep putting myself thru that crap anymore ya know? i really am just really afraid of trying ANY new meds for anything at this point since my body appears to react to like eveything now for some insane reason. i just keep trying new out of the box types of therepys and topicals and my TENS has been wonderful for my RSD flares too. i like the no side effect stuff ya know? lyrica was just such a freaking nightmare from hell with side effects i could not have even imagined happening happening. i am even afraid to try chantix to try and quit smoking since i had alot of big problems with wellbutrin a few years back when trying to quit before my very first surgery. chantix is the latest quit smoking med but it works on the seritonin so we are not EVEN going to mess with what the lexapro appears to be helping right now. were just NOT messing with our seritonin.

well,i will let ya know how THIS block goes today hopefully tomorrow. i am just a bit nervous about it after the last wonderful response ya know? i will try and think positive tho. just take care of yourself and really watch how much work you are taking on sammy. it just really worries me alot for you hon. if you are not really careful here you could really set yourself back,alot. til the morrow,Marcia