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Hi Heather, Jill, and Primrose,

I was recently dx'ed with Trigeminal neuralgia after trying to figure out what was wrong with me for a very long time! My g.p. sent me to a neurologist since I have another dx'ed neuropathy in my urinary/private area that is in constant pain and I use a 5% numbing ointment on daily. I get horrible shocks to one side of my face at a time, I have it bi-laterally but it only gets bad on one side at a time though I get really achey too. I also get sore scalp where it is hard to brush my hair and my teeth constantly hurt and I get bad headaches. I can not wear sunglasses or put a phone to my ear, even putting my hand on my chin can make the pain come out. I do get neck pain and the bones in my head hurt too, with bad aching jaw and strange tingling spasms near my temples when it is really bad. Lately the TN has been awful, I can barely eat and do not even think about eating or drinking something really cold, ouch. It is very depressing.

I also have Crohn's Disease, and I think this neuralgia and neuropathy was brought on from lack of B12, since I was not getting any B12 shots after having my terminal ileum part of my small intestine removed sugically 4 years ago. The terminal ileum is responsible for absorbing B12 and I have none! Recently I ended a 2 week daily loading dose shots of B12, and now my neurologist has me on weekly B12 shots. I have read and done research that B12 deficiency can cause these conditions, so you all may want to look into that. You can also have B12 deficiency for many different reasons, so supplementing would be a great idea with a sublingual form for all suffering from this horrible illness.

I started on neurontin, I am only in 6 days now, 300 mg twice a day, then I go up to 3 times a day in 5 more days. So far I have noticed it is helping a bit, I took some valium ( I use it for Crohn's spasming) when it was bad the other day and it did not slow the electric shoock pains down but it lessened my anxiety. Percocet does not even touch the pain of TN for me, it is unbelievable. I am hoping the neurontin works completely soon...I am feeling quite "loaded" on it but I have been told you adjust and become less affected.

Hugs for you all, I hope you all are feeling well.