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hi everyone well i have a mother sister brother{2of them} addicted to valium my sister and mother are also taking oxicontant whenever i approach my mother about this she always denies that she takes more tha n the prescribed dose .i have reported it to her gpi dont know how many tines but shes obviously bluffing them coz she still gets them . what really pees me of about her she gives out to my son about taking hash and cocain at the weekend and gives him a sermon but he is my problem not hers my thought do be that she should sort out her own life or does it make her feel better because hes taking street drugs and it dosent make her addiction look so bad. even though she wont admit that she is also an addict with prescriptin drugs.i dont know when i visited last shes either in bed sleeping a 7 oclock or her speach does be slightly slurred she makes me sick looking at herand i get angry with her because i feel she dosent behave like an normal mum should.we cant plan anything with her coz she never wants to go shes only 67 all she does is retires to bed at 6 and reads im on antidepressant and im cutting down was on sleeping tabs to but i dont take them antymore im afraid il end up like them