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Hi christine73,

I had a car accident in 1993. The first truama that I endured was a head on, I held onto the steering wheel with all my might just so I would not be bounced around in our truck...The impacted caused me to brace myself and the hit was taken to my spine behind my lungs (my arms were braced on the steering wheel and the impact caused them to put pressure on my spine, the front of my rib cage and the spinal area that holds them together in my back area, my ankles were both sprained and bruised really bad...which the impact from the brake and gas pedal caused my body to be pushed up and back to my spinal area, lower back and up to my thoractic area. and than the second trauma that I endured was the car spun around in a circle and hit my driver side door... and my head hit the steering wheel.... really hard!!! I never did get knocked out but oh my neck......THAT WAS ONE ACCIDENT AND IT IS 2008 AND I still am not over it. The upper part of my left rib cage was injured during the second hit from the car when the impact hit me on my left lower rib area and spine area. When I get a flare up and I cannot lay still enough because my breathing even affects the tenderness of my neck muscles and my muscles behind my lungs and to even breath it hurts. It causes me to cry and end up in the emergency room. which my husband no longer takes me and I have to lay around the house until my flareup ends.....Imitrex is a very good pain killler for my headache, myofacia, neck pain, nausua...I have to lay. sit, stand, or go outside and get some fresh air and just sit up very still and move slowly... and just get out. Trying to sleep is not pleasant because the position my neck is in at anytime is always the wrong one. I use a roll pillow and I am always constantly turning and my neck just aches. I am on SSI/dissability due to the severe pain I have to deal with each night and day. So, have you tried Imitrex?? I also have percocet, vicoden, nourontin, flexeral, uptram, valium.....I do not take all of these...they are just left over scripts? I usually take imitrex, vicoden, percocet and nourontin!! I hate the side effects, but I have done all that I can....occiptal neuralgia, that is what I was diagnosed as having....I have tried everything, now I am learning to live each day as joyful as I can..I can only say when you are down...GOD IS DEALING WITH YOU....I hope you do get some relief! sunshine73;) smiling even when I am crying....