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Thanks Pollyanna...........I will get that book TOMORROW...sounds great...

Yes I have been icing once or twice a day...But I know I have been doing way too much every day with work and social life...Lots of family stuff these days too...

MRI is now Tuesday w/ contrast.The contrast doesn't hurt does it..I get so darn claustophobic in there..they have to give me 1/2 a Valium..I start freaking out....Pray it's just an inflammation..But you're right again..the nerves are waking up...

Thanks much and have a great weekend.:)...more hopeful thanks to you..
Hey MM...

Such a good memory it was yesterday....Gosh I hate that darn MRI......They had to do the regular (closed) one, and they afterwards one not as long thank goodness with the contrast dye....I get sooooooo claustrophobic and had to take 1/2 a Valium to get through it....Then they did x-rays of the lower lumbar (every position) then the hip and pelvic area too.

I had to FED Ex them to my Dr. in NYC....I'll be lucky if he gets to read them before the Jly 4th holiday.

The discomfort persists and I'm laying off PT for now...Doing my little routine at home and walking 20 minutes...Just praying it's due to inflammation agravating the area above my surgery...They say L1-L2 problems can create
symptoms in the groinn area...Or perhaps the bone graft site.

I swear if thry had to redo something now or have more surgery I'm not sure how I would handle it...Please God...

My back is feeling great, and my stamina is much better just wish this wasn't slwoing down my recovery..I was doing so well..

Anxious to hear the pool exercises you PT suggested...SOunds like you are doing great.

Hope you are feeling better after your bad cold..

I'll send an update when I hear something.

Could use your prayers....;):angel: