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Thank you all! what I mean is that if I eat anything chewy..Ie a hamburger..carrots are out, apples etc..I could not eat this stuff because my joints start to burn and my facial muscles spasm out. My doc did say that I would feel better during pregnancy..not so much. I dont get migranes as intense, but the joint and face pain, the buring etc..bad. I used to take valium that would help the muscles to let go but its a class D the worst thing you can take for a baby so I sit in pain. Also I cant take sleep medicine and when I dont sleep cause i have to pee all through the night my face tenses up. The worst thing was the throwing up...BAD for your jaw! I worry about delivery, my doc has expressed concerns too saying I might be better off doing a C-section because all the screaming and teeth gripping might do a number on my jaw (my disks are seriously displaced, I dont know If I even have a right disk anymore its now somewhat bone to bone and Ive just been through too many MRIs and tests for me to want to find out (its so freaking depressing and surgeries cant fix TMJ anyway from what I am discovering) anyway...thats in a nutshell my pregnancy/TMJ drama.