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waterone - I think I replied to one of your other posts.

I was out for the operation, thankfully - I faint when they draw blood. ;)

Even reading the posts, I was not prepared for the pain. However, it wasn't any worse than the horrible ear infections I suffered from early childhood through college. My doc prescribed vicodin, which I was reluctant to take at first. The nurses seemed ready to get me out of the hospital, so they really didn't give me anything that helped. When I got home, I was desperate and went ahead and took 2 of the vicodin, and finally had no pain. It comes and goes now, but is manageable, and I have reduced my vicodin dosage to one pill.

Several people mentioned throwing up - my doc really did not want me getting sick, so gave me some anti-nausea as well as valium to help with dizziness. Only had one serious bout of vertigo, but have used the valium for the mild dizziness as needed.

Just plan to take it easy for at least a week. I am not to the week marker yet, so don't know how I will be doing then. I do feel tons better though, and eternally grateful for all those who have posted here and prepared me for the ups and downs of recovery.

Good luck - I was extremely nervous, as it was my first ever surgery. The suspense of waiting for it all to start was the worst!