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Believe me ive had all these thoughts when flying as i suffer from anxiety which is worse on flying.

I found that a 5mg valium taken 20mins before boarding really helps. I flew to Mauritius which is 12 hours and i was absolutely fine, on long haul there are lots of things on the TV, they feed and water you a lot too, wear some flight socks, and get up and walk around about ever 45mins. Tell the crew you are anxious, they will keep an eye on you.

Go to your doc and get some valium, they really do calm you, drink plenty of water, no alcholhol with valium, also it causes you to feel dehydrated and yuk.

The Pilot will only land as the other poster said if its a real emergency, which you are not considered as for anxiety!!

Once you are up and settled you will be fine. I have to admit though the only thing that kept me on that plane to Mauritius was fact we flew over mostly land and i knew if i went mental enough they would land the plane, but it wont happen, it didnt happen to me, so dont even think about it.

You are going to a beautiful place, think yourself very lucky to have that opportunity, and RELAX and enjoy.

Have a good time and post when you get home to tell us that the flight was fine and you were fine. Because it will be.