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[COLOR="RoyalBlue"]>>> Do you mean that for example, if you are standing still looking out at the world, that the world appears to be shifting and moving around?

Not really. For me, if I'm symptomatic, and I try to fixate on a point in the distance for example, I cannot hold it still in my visual field. My eyes just won't stay on the ball. As I feel better, the fixation task becomes easier and my eyes aren't so off track. As you can imagine, when thinhgs are bad and I try to hold my vision fixed on computer screen text, it's a real nightmare and induces surrealism, derealisation, dizziness and anxiety. Valium usually makes it bearable until things settle down; however, I only use valium when necessary and never daily.

Cheers ... Scott :cool:
[COLOR="RoyalBlue"]>>> For me, the further away I look, the more obvious the movement/gaze stability problem. The close the object, the less obvious the movement, and the easier it is to keep the object still in my vision.

That's *exactly* as it is for me as well. My focus is fine although can be off on reading text sometimes. Could be age though lol. I don't have the shifting feeling either. Really, it's all gaze stability issues for me now. Five years ago though, I was HUGELY dizzy; it was like I had just stepped off a merry-go-round. The dizziness seemed "external" rather than inside my head if that makes any sense.

You'll beat this Rich. From what you're describing to me it sounds like your anxiety could be more out of control than you'd like – and that would wind things up significantly. The thing is it's hard to know how much of the anxiety is physiological stuff (like the sort that occurs lying down and is totally positional) versus our real fear of the situation. I think I have killed that aspect of this in that nothing about this condition scares me anymore. I just look it straight in the eyes now and say "bring it on baby"! Of course if I really get hammered then out comes the nukes – valium. lol