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This may be unsettling to hear, but I hope it can help - my boyfriend recently died due to a grand mal seizure in his sleep. He was not epileptic but he had seizures that were directly related to stress. Although his were never treated (no insurance, no money, etc.) I am positive that his death could have been prevented if he had gotten the right treatment for his seizures.

I know it sounds odd that seizures occurring during sleep could be related to stress but his always came after he came to terms with the stressful situation(s). Whether he gave up and chose not to let that problem bother him, found a solution, the problem passed, etc. he would have a seizure in the calm after the storm while he was sleeping.

My suggestion to you is to talk to your doctor about getting on an anti-anxiety regimen or medication. If your seizures are associated with flashbacks and PTSD an anti-anxiety medication such as Ativan or Valium could help. HTH, take care.