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Hi Richard,

I don't know if this is the same thing ... but I have had the vibrating sensation on and off for several months. I don't really notice any increased dizziness with it - but it is a very strange and unsettling feeling. My diagnosis is recurrent BPPV and most likely underlying labs/vn.

The vibrating/shaking feeling started at about month 9 or so for me and still continues on and off to this day (month 18). My neurotologist said the shaking is very common with vestibular disorders because our balance systems are operating on "manual" and that creates strain for the neck and upper back muscles. He prescribed a low dose of valium and that did seem to help calm the shaking down.

Since then I have figured out that mine is related to musculoskeletal strain. After getting fed up with the constant vibrating/trembling feeling, I went to see an orthopedist a couple of months ago and he prescribed PT - which included massage 3x/week, stretching 3x/day and exercise, plus he prescribed an anti-inflammatory. I couldn't believe it - within the first week, after months and months of shaking (especially at night) - it stopped. It was such a relief!

I completed the PT and tried to keep up with the stretching and massage ... but the shaking has come back at times (argghhh). But, at least I know that it is related to muscle issues for me. The massage therapists I have seen and my chiropractor have all seem amazed at how tight my neck muscles are and how many knots I have! That helped confirm for me that my neck and back are working overtime .... which leads to the shaking. I'm hopeful that with continued massage, stretching and strengthening - I can get past the shaking once and for all!!

Hope you can get your issues figured out ...