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I think that all of your symptoms can be explained by severe anxiety or panic. I have some of your symptoms as well. I obsess over my health and every ache to me means cancer or some other incurable disease. I too, have vertigo and weakness in my legs. I've had pain in my eyes, but the eye doctor couldn't find anything wrong with my eyes. After I got reassured that I wasn't losing my vision, the pain disappeared. I've had tingling in my limbs and face. I had severe throat ache for a couple of months and was sure I had throat cancer. I went to an ear/nose/throat specialist and he found nothing. I've embarrassed myself in doctors offices more than once by crying loudly out of fear that they'll tell me I have cancer.
I totally understand you and your worries. Try to get your life as calm and stress free as you can. I am going to the gym a lot, but I have to admit that when the anxiety gets unbearable and I can't handle it, I do take a valium.