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Hey all,
Thanks for reading ans posting your comments. I appreciate all the support I can get.

Just to clarify all this so there is no missunderstandings. Dr. Song is the Neurologist and Dr. Jones is the ortho.

Dr. S did the first surgery and although some symptoms went away many stuck around and here we are 8 months and 1 day post op. (posterio cervical Foraminotomy at C 3-4 4-5). Dr. J. also was the first one to say that "unfortunatley you have a bad neck!"

Dr. Jones is a Dr. that my attorney and I decided I should go to and in Feb about 45 days after surgery because I had sooooo much post op pain. It was sort of an opinion and an evaluation. He said at that time it was to early to make a good assessment. He told me if I still felt this bad to come see him again in 6 weeks. Six weeks had well since passed and I finally went back to see Dr. J. when the Neuro Dr. S. said I should go see him and pick his brain.

When Dr. S. made suggested I see the Ortho again. His was very snitty about it. His words were..."go pick Dr. J's brain and see what he says. In fact if you like him better I will not be bothered if you want him and you switch to his care and have him do the surgery" Both my Mom and I were really shocked at his attitude at that appointment. This was the same appointment that we also asked him what age he thought I was and found out he did not even know my age!.

At the second visit with Dr. J the ortho. I was treated with the utmost respect and the Physicians asisstant came in and point black said that the discogram results corralated with the symptoms I was having and clearly showed there was tearring and dammaged discs. The worst off them and also the biggest pain generators were C 4-5 and C 5-6. He then went on to explain in great detail again that the way this neck and disc problem is treated is with the ACDF surgery. He explained all that.

My Mom and I were shocked and impressed with the way we were treated by Cr. j's office and practice. I felt like they treated me as a whole and not just like I was a broken car part.

I feel that yes the Neuro Dr. S is and was out of line. I feel as though he has never believed I have a great deal of pain like I say I do. I feel he views me as a thorn in his side and my Mom (who has been to many of the appt's with this doc) feels the same way. It is as if I am an annoyance to him and he would be so much happier if I went away and did not return.
Wel guess what!! He's got it now. I will not return

The Ortho Dr. Jones I feel is where I am supposed to be. I have to prepare myself that I may have to jump through yet...yep...you got it .... more hoops. I think the first will be a cortisone ijection in my shoulder. We will find out what he thinks on the 14th which could not get here fast enough.

I do not think Dr. J is ready to say there is nothing they can do because if this were the case I don't think his PA would have came in and explained the treatment for the damaged discs. The PA also said that my discs are loosing their Hydration and becoming dry and that over time they will only deteriorate, hurt and cause more harm then they already are.

I hope this is all eaiser to follow.

I can only guess why the Neuro did what he did. I feel that he never really knew my age to begin with. I think he tried and hoped my neck would feel better after the foraminotomy and that the surgery would give me enough relief that the fusion would not be needed for a while. When that did not happen I think he was pretty well done with me. I think that because I made the mistake of crying in his office and telling him I did not want to wait forever to do the fusion and stay in agonizing pain, that I wanted to get on with my life and feel better...he took it as I am a wack job and thats when he sent me to be evaluated by the Pain Psychologist. I got a good evaluation from the Pain psych and even that was surprising to the Neuro.

You know the deal is Yes I am emotional. This neck injury came right after a 3 1/2 year battle to recover form a very long and difficult injury to my arm. I am tired. I am emotionally and mentally and physically zapped out.

Today I went to a 12 step meeitng and I totally felt numb to the world. I cared not about what was going on around me. I did laugh and list at the meeting but as I was driving to pay bills afterward I just felt Numb and empty. Like all the fight and pep is just gone. I know you all must be at a loss for encouragement for me anymore. I just feel like my spirit is slipping farther away into some abyss. I know it will begin to come back once I can get to the point where I am getting better. There are still treatments left for me, but i feel like I am swimming against the tide in getting what I need and I just have no more pep.

The thing is that I CAN'T let my spirit sink to far away. I gotta fight. I gotta keep on keeping on and you know what I DO. But It is very very hard to press on and I feel like if all I can do is go through the motions every day and stay sober everyday then I am doing the best I can emotionally and mentally to get through it.
As for the pain...well I dod feel I have gotten a few better nights sleep. I have been taking a good rest every day where sometimes I fall asleep and somtimes I doze or just zone out. This is a small but much needed improvement from the up 3 times a night and then stay up all day with only 4 hours sleep and unable to nap.
The pain seems to be helped a bit by the valium. I think the high levels of pain make me so tensed up that it exagerates the pain even more. With the valium it relaxes me right in the mid day when the tenseness is starting to come on. I get it nipped in the butt right away and I think that helps a bit.

Right now waking up at an 8 in the morning as opposed to a 9-10 is good I think. I will take that little improvement untill we can figure out what Dr. J the Ortho has to say next.

As usually I am sorry for the long post! Please pray for me. I am trying my best to keep posting to others because it takes me out of me and I also need to see what I say to others as well.
Thanks Cmpgirl!

I appreciate the help. I feel a bit like my thought processes are a bit skewed considering all I am going through.

Today I woke up feeling alright to go to church so I did that and stopped at the Wal mart to buy a few things. I tried on 3 tops and I swear it set me off with one of those scarry type of neck spasms. I keep having to check my typing because my fingers are not working very good. They are numb and tingly all this is mostly left sided and my left arm is very heavvy. I have it propped on a pillow just to type this.

I hate it when this happens...the slightest amount of activity and Boom here we are off with the flare and spasm. I always have the spasms but this is a bigger one and they are scarry. I just pray it does not get any worse than this becuase the last time it was close to this I had to go to the ER.

Please pray

I just took a BT med and a valium becuase it is not time for my regular LA med yet. so pray it will help.

Hey Confused,

Honey I am so sorry for all your pain! I feel for you and I am praying for you!
i also do appreciate all the information that you have posted.

I hope I don't get in trouble for posting this but the ortho practice is call Tahoe Fracture and Orthopedic. I think in there web site it explains about all the different docs there and about their traing and whatever research they are involved in.

Confused how did you find out all that info about your surgeon? Does that cost money to find out if they have any complaints against them??

I was at church yesterday and I saw a woman with an aspen collor on so we stood and talked. She said she had the same Neuro..the one I am not going back to see. She talked about how suuccessful her fusion has been...she had 4 levels done. She talked about how kind he was and understanding and I just could not get that becuase that is not how he has acted towards me.

My Mom and I got to thinking about his (neuro's) attitude. Back in the end of Februaury after the Jan 8th surgery when I had already started to decline my attorney set up an appointment with this Ortho...Dr. Jones for a consultation of sorts. My neuro found out about it and my Mom said she felt that he started with his attitude way back then. I do see this as a possible senerio.
The neuro is or got irritated because I went to the ortho and got checked by him.

Whatever his issues I jast can not subject myself to someone who could care less about my injury. Much less let them go in there and operate on me when I do not feel they really care.

I will be having C 4-5 and C 5-6 fused. So a two level as far as what they have discussed at this point. The potential for more fusion later is a very great possibility because the discogram did show a very very small amount of pain coming from C 3-4

I am sorry to hear that you have so much pain too. You know way back in the begingin of seeing the Neuro he has always claimed that the burning I have deep under the lower part of my scapular has been secondary to mmy neck. Which I do feel is a huge possibility.

As for that shoulder ...well the only timeI ever hvae and issue is when my left arm is feeling very heavy and my arm is hard to lift...but even then it does not hurt in the actual part of the shoulder where the head of the humorus sits in the part of the scapula called the glenoid cavity. This is where the head of the humorus moves and rotates.

The burning pain I have is way down at the inferior most part of the scapula called the inferior angle. That is like the very tip of the bottom of the scapula. So now you all know I have looked it up in my book and now I can beeter describe where the pain is. Well maybe I should not use the actual names of things but just say and the bottom most tip of the scapular area.

It is only a few more days now untill i will see the Ortho again. I am glad that I will have my Mom with me. although the last time we went to the dr. together I had to tell her not to answer for me.
We got to the check in counter and I had made prior arrangemnets with them about the billing. My mom started to pipe in and say thas not how the attorney said to do it. I had to just aske her nicely to leave it alone I had already discussed this with the attorney. Then when the Physicians assistant came in she kept interupting when ever I was trying to ask a question and then getting the PA sidetraceked. Fianlly when the PA was all done answering he I got to ask my questions. When he left the room I had to tell her that I want her to be at the appointment and I would like her to ask questions but I would also like it if she waited until I was done speaking with the medical staff and not interupt. She did not get mad or anything but I did have to say 2 times that day that I am almost 39 years old and for the most part know what I am doing and she does not have to answer all the wustions and interupt while I am trying to ask some things.
We now are in agreement of how things should go in an appointment. She is more then welcome to put her opinion in there and ask any question she wants as long as she does not side-track or interupt the doctor or me.

Well I did have a nasty nasty spasm last night in my neck. Thanks God I have enough valium to last for the entire month now that the PM has given me the option to take one a day.